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   Chapter 25 Broken Ties

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 5141

Updated: 2017-12-22 06:25

Anna pov :

After waiting for Holden I was tired of sitting on one place. I decided to quit waiting for him and rather go to sleep. He wasn't coming back today I was sure of it. As I was about to leave I stopped as I saw outline of a certain person in the dark hallway. "Finally you are back. Don't you think its a little bit too late ?" He simply ignored my statement and carried on walking past me. Weird I thought he never have been this quiet. Usually when he was late he would call me or tell me when he have returned. I followed him to his room adamant to get him to tell me something. "Holden what happened? Is something wrong? Are you tired do you need something " I called to his retreating figure. He was limping and walking as if he was drunk also he smelled weird not that spicy cologne she often wore.

"Holden " I caught him just in time before he would hit his head on one of the wall. I turned him around so we were face to face now to me .But his state has me gasping My hands covered my mouth and my eyes were damp now. His hairs were messy sticking in all directions as if he has been tugging on them. His knuckles were bruised and bleeding. Even they have some shards of mirror sticking to them. His usually minty breath smelled foul as if he has been drinking. I remember Holden told me he wasn't fan of drinking. His eyes were red and blotchy. His tie was missing and the collar of his shirt was undone. There were blood stains not some but many on his ones white shirt. Blood was tickling from his hands o

, billions or anything. He wanted to take her away from me I wouldn't let that happen I will kill him, destroy him, torture him. She was mine only mine.

"I need a plan right now. I need to see him alone but before that I have to send her away -away from me. Even if it hurts me or kill me. I would watch her from distance. Keep her safe and she wouldn't ever know. Maybe if she didn't know she won't hate me. " he mumbled to his reflection.

With his crimsoned hands he took out his cracked phone from his pocket. He dialed Aaron number "Fuck who call at this time of the night " Aaron grey was cursing him.

"I want to hand you over some one protection. She will be staying with you from tomorrow onward " with that he threw his phone on his mirror and fall to his knees. He cried and let the tears out. He cried for her. He cried for failing her. He cried for breaking his promise he cried for making her hate him. He cried for making her cry. He cried for not having her in his arms right now as she cried.

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