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   Chapter 24 Dancing Lovers

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 5003

Updated: 2017-12-22 06:19

Anna Pov :

There was unbearable tension around the table. My eyes darted to Holden across the table who was trying to look busy on his phone. Taping away God knows what? Good excuse Holden I mentally wanted to strangle the arrogant guy who was busy typing away on his phone and leaving me behind to watch Stacy & Chang heated glares It was a battlefield and the opponents were ready to kill each other. I was constantly moving on my place. Shuffling from one spot to another. The table air was thick with tension. My eyes met Holden's I signaled for him and he nodded at me. Then he stood up and reached out to me "Come on princess " Holden was by my side as he took my hands in his. "What are we doing now?" I asked him

"Dancing " he said taking me to the dance floor. Although dancing wasn't my cup of tea but I rather be on the dance floor then sitting between the tensed couple. "Thank you for totally saving me. I was thinking Stacy and Chang are going to skin me alive the way they were eyeing each other " I shuddered in fear ."Don't worry these two are crazy people. If they weren't so stubborn maybe by now they would have forgiven each other and moved on ."

"Some times I regret being best friend with those two idiots. But I wouldn't have been me with out two people. They have been there when I went through the hardest era of my life " I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood on his shoes in order to come to his height yet I was of no match to his. "Hey I understa

were infinite things. I loved all of her with every thing that I have. She was my angel my princess and my obsession.

The roads were less crowded right now. I was driving without a care in the world wanting to reach home as soon as possible so I can see her. I know she was safe in my home but not for long. My man told me there have been numerous attempts to break in the house but I never told her I didn't want to scare her more then she already was.

Just then my phone was ringing unknown flashed on the screen.

" This is Doctor Knight how can I help you " I asked in my professional voice. The voice I have mastered over the years. I expected it to be one of my patient. Who's going to tell me there was an emergency and I was needed.

But the voice on the other side has my blood boiling "Hello Doctor "

"Hello Bastard " I was grinding my teeth now they would possibly turn to powder soon if I carried on with my assault on them. I practically spat out my endearment for him.

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