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   Chapter 23 The Wedding (Part II)

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"Hows you? " I asked the excited girl in front of me who was grinning from ear to ear "I am awesome .Come on the rest has been waiting for you for like Hours ."

"What do you mean? I mean did you know I was coming? " She inquired as Bella dragged her from the midst of the crowd and Anna took it upon herself to apologize to the people. "Yes! Since like yesterday. The bride & groom will die out of curiosity If they didn't see Holden's woman. Jeez tell me how did you tame the womanizer ?"

She was amused at Bella's choice of words " He isn't a womanizer " she defended Holden "I know now why he love you " Bella asked laughing. "Beside I think you are perfect for him we all agree on this. I have heard a lot and everything that they told me its true ." She warmly smiled at me ."I hope none of it is bad " Anna chuckled

"I ensure you everything is positive "

"Guys look who is here The one & only Anna " she dramatically raised her voice bowing at her friends and then turned to me.

"Yesss !My favorite person these days " Cameron engulfed me in a hug when it comes to hugging the guy was totally cuddly teddy bear. Rest of the people gave me polite smiles and asked about me. Bruce awkwardly waved at me then turned to look at Veera who was laughing with a guy. The guy was practically flirting with her I think I have seen the guy some where. Then I remembered his Sean Carter he was practically a bully in my university. Used his' dad money' to tormenting student on scholarship or others who were not popular. Bruce looked sad and insecure right now. The way he clenched and un clenched his fist. His jaw basically ticking. He was glaring daggers at Sean who was so obvious to it yet he didn't miss a chance to touch Veera who visibly flinched under it. "What are you thinking Gorgeous? " Cam asked me Cathy too joined him. We were standing separate from Holden's other friends right now who were talking among themselves. "Just looking at Sean I hated that guy and he is shamelessly flirting with someone else girlfriend. "I remarked bitter about poor Bruce suffering.

" Bruce & Veera broke up today. So I don't think Veera care what Bruce think about this out deal. " Cathy added sternly I watched as Cameron glared at her but she shrugged as if it didn't matter to her.

"Come on Anna Holden was looking for you. " Cameron grabbed my hand and started dragging me to some where. "Anna thanks heaven you are here I have been worried sick " Holden greeted me mid way by engulfing me in a warm hug and at the same time pulling me away from Cameron. Then I grabbed his arm and we walked hand in hand around the room occasionally stopping to greet people. Some people were familiar with me and there were others who were totally strangers.

"These people have been like a second family to me. I use to come here when I didn't feel like staying home and tolerating Allen's face. So yes these people are my family " Holden told me pointing at an aging man with grey eyes and a woman besides him who looked slightly younger. Both have that warm aura to them. I smiled at the women who returned mine with a soft smile. "Who is this beautiful woman with you ?" Mr Singh asked Holden looking at our linked arms. "This is Anna Garcia Uncle. " Then he turned to me "Anna this is Mr Singh and his wife Mrs Singh. "


ssed my arms and huffed at them.

"I like her already " the guy said turning to me. "I am Chang " he raised his hand for a handshake. Peeking at Holden to see if he approved of this man I put my tiny hand in his "Anna and not so nice to meet you " I poked my tongue at him ones again. He chuckled "Not going to say like wise darling " His come back has me rolling my eyes.

"Hey idiot doctor " he turn to the man besides me. Who was glaring daggers at him that should have buried him 6 feet under. Yet the guy acted like nothing effected him. His eyes widened for effect his smile grew in size. Certainty Chang have a death wish I thought. Let me be honest Holden was standing with a pissed off look on his face and a pissed off Holden is scary. I mentally saw Holden's hands around Chang neck shaking his life out of him. "How do you guys know each other ". I asked trying to bring out a mad Holden from his possibly killing spree.

"Has been tolerating this shitty guy since I was in 13 " Holden narrowed his eyes at Chang.

"But last night baby you were calling me telling me you need me and you won't live without me. Anna he was sending me airy kisses too " I literally chocked on my saliva the scene looked so damn funny and when I imagined it I couldn't help but laugh even more.

" I am going to kill you " A very livid Holden was ready to pounce on Chang. "Its OK baby you can jump my bones later. We have audience here right now and lets take this to some where more private " Chang winked at Holden and even have the audacity to bite his lips in a seductive way. The look of disgust, mortification and horror on Holden's face was priceless. I couldn't help but laugh at the two Holden clearly looked uncomfortable at the suggestion. Let me tell you a very uncomfortable Holden = cute Holden.

"Eww " i shrieked when Chang passed Holden air kisses. "Baby you are so hot. Won't you give me a private show in your doctor coat "Chang teased Holden some more. Who stiffened. One thing was sure Holden was going to kill Chang today.

"X Chang "all the teasing came to end when Stacy McQueen called X Chang name. Whose smile dropped instantly. The temperature around me rose to another 30 degrees

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