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   Chapter 22 The Wedding (Part I)

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Maids helped me with my make up & hairs. My Burnett hairs were done in an elegant bun and my make up was as natural as it could be. I dressed myself in figure hugging white gown that emphasize on my white milky skin. It was backless but except that showed minimum skin. The maids twirl me around twice or thrice and gasped in awe. I couldn't help but admire myself too. "All the very best for today My lady. I am more than sure Sir can't keep his eyes off you the whole time " one of the maid Olivia whispered in my ear then she left along with the team of other maids. I sat down on the bed and reached for my heels but a particular someone beat me to it.

"let me do it for you princess " his deep husky voice was ringing in my ears. He helped me with the heels and helped me on my feet by my elbows. His eyes ranked my body in satisfaction and I discovered myself shivering under his intense gaze. The soft smile on his lips told me he was pleased with what he saw. I couldn't help but mentally nod to myself how handsome and dashing he looked. With his black button up shirt that was tight around his chest showing how well built and broad they were and a charcoal formal over it. His cologne that was mainly and a mixture of spice and wood invaded my senses. I discovered myself leaning over to kiss his cheek. Maybe it was the distance that he didn't appreciated because his one arm went round my curvy waist and the other on my back. I was Pulled scratch that stumbling into his body and my eyes widened. His warmth engulfed me looking more inviting then before. My arm

duce me to other guests who asked me about me, complemented me and tried to make me feel less of stranger. Until Bella came along she practically skipped to me. Seeing her bubbly self made me smile. Every thing about her was do graceful even if she was jumping and hopping she did it with grace. My mouth was literally agar at her. The others looked at her like they were attracted to her grateful and arresting figure like 2 opposite poles of magnets.

"Anna " she threw her arms around me literally making me breathless under her weight. I was gasping for air now "sorry" she blushed and jumped away from me. She was smiling at me. "Oh my look at you. You are looking as beautiful as ever. Did Holden tell you he is ready to devour you because that how good you look and he is eyeing you like no other lady exist in the room " my eyes widened and my cheeks and ears turned scarlet because she said it loud okay may be too loud everyone was practically looking at us in amusement and Holden literally spit out the drink that he was having right now.

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