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   Chapter 21 Sharing cute moments

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She laid on her bed and closed her eyes but sleep was beyond her reach. " I missed you " those words were ringing in her ears making her shuffle from that position to another yet she won't find peace. She knew Serena never intended to hurt her yet she did in more then one way. The 18 year old looked at her as if she was some fairy godmother. She remember when she use to go to Nichole's house and little Serena use to come running to her and she use to catch the giggling over excited girl. Although Serena was chubby and Anna find it hard to carry the girl yet she use to hold on to the girl tight. "Fairy " the pet name that Serena gave to Anna because to her Anna was so beautiful and kind as a fairy. Nichole use to complain every time how Serena loved Anna more then her sister. It wasn't her fault if Serena loved her more then Nichole after all Nichole was like this. She was spoilt brat and sometimes awfully rude. When she use to shout at little Serena for entering her room and using her lipstick until the little girl cried it was Anna who wiped the tears of young girl, take her to parks, tell her stories and sometimes even put her to bed. Serena's babysitter use to tell Anna that no one could take care of Serena as much as Anna did. One main reason Anna always went to her best friend house was to see her sister who would sit on stair case eagerly waiting for her.

Sleep consumed her and she opened her eyes to find herself entering her father private study room. "Come in dear " his old voice called to the young girl. "You called for me father " she politely smiled at the aging man.

"My daughter take a seat " he mentioned to one of the chair in front of his desk with hand motions. She nodded and sat down. Her dad looked worried the way he was paler then usual and he paced around his table.

After some time he finally spoke.

" Danish called me tomorrow is your hearing daughter. You have to give testimony against Mike and his friends. Are you ready to face them ?" She looked at her hands rather then his face. She didn't want to show him how much after 2 years too the name effected her. She believed she was stronger than this yet she wasn't. She wasn't ready to face them y

t two buttons of his white button up shirt were opened revealing his chest. He was wearing slacks that made his powerful legs look good. He can wear anything and still he will grab the attention of the girls. In the room full of hot guys Holden knight can easily stand out it was so true because in his 30's he looked beyond handsome and mysterious. His shoulders and well built and was worth admiring and his jaw was sharp that it can easily cut a paper little stubble on it gave him more rugged look. He was walking around the room looking for files and folders. Yet her eyes never left him. Watching him move to and fro. She was yawning more frequently now she buried her face in her arms and brought her legs close to her chest and closed her eyes.

" Princess " someone was calling her she turned her body away from the source of the sounds and moaned in annoyance. Holden ran his hands through his already messy hairs and thought of ways to wake her up it was already 6 and he wanted to get one hour of sleep but he couldn't leave her in this room. "Either you get up or I am carrying you sleep head he whispered in her ear. "

" Carry me " she groggily raised her arms to him and wrapped them around his neck. He stiffened then after debating with himself he picked her up letting her legs wrap around him. Carefully put her head on his shoulder and carried her to his room. As he laid down besides her on the bed he couldn't help but agreed today was tiring day.

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