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   Chapter 20 Breaking Down

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"Are you ready ?" He stood on my door with his back supported by the frame. He looked beyond handsome and dashing with his white button up shirt neatly folded showing his bulging muscles and the beautiful ink that surrounded his arms. Top most buttons of his shirt were undone showing bit of his chest his blazer rested on one of his arms. His hairs were combed back to perfection. "Just a minute or two "I asked as I put on my heels but the straps were almost impossible to do making me grunt my teeth in annoyance. "Here let me do it for you " before I could protest he was already on his knees doing my straps.

"Perfect "he smiled at me warmly and gave me his hand to take. I grasp his hand and was on my feet with ease. He started leading me to the staircase and then to his car.

"My lady " he opened the door for her making her giggle at him. Then he went to his side.

"Your seat belt "he told her and then moved to put it in rightful place. They were quite most of the time the silence wasn't awkward but a comfortable one ."You look nervous" he said it more as a statement.

" Am I? what gave it away Doctor?" She smirked at him now fully turning to him ."When you are nervous you tend to move alot and your fingers drum against anything ".

"You are right I am nervous what if they hate me. What if they don't like me " She sadly smiled at him. For a moment or two he turned his focus sorely on her then back to the road "They will I am sure they will like you as much as I do like you " Some how his words put her to ease.

"We have been together for most of our life at least many of us. We are more like family and less like bestfriends. They all are amazing people and successful too. In fact you must have seen many of them in events, media or on the front of magazines covers ."

"You brother is he among that group too ?" She asked out of curiosity. "No he isn't much of a social person at least not now. He is focused on expanding his business and running after 'people ' he can't have ." I knew what he was implying. Where Roman was more towards getting success Holden was all about interacting with people he liked. Its not like I haven't seen him working I did he was very dedicated towards his work and patients. He would often call his ex patients to know about their well being. Travel to meet them and suggesting them to suitable doctors. But he held this welcoming stance to him that made he more approach -able (if that is a a word). He radiated that welcoming aura to him.

" I always have difficulty interacting with strangers. Some past experiences made me cautious of the people that I trust or talk to. I don't know anything about your friends I don't know if I can strike a conversation with them if it turns awkward please do help me out ." He squeezed her hand softly and smiled at her.

Finally they pulled over to a house that was in midst of the forest. It was just like a scene from hensel & gretel and she found herself drawn to this place. Her hands itched to draw this place. "Nice" she commented to which he grinned "wait till you see it from inside" everything about the place was so magical & fairytale like. True to his words Anna found herself admiring the indoors. The house was made with polished wood giving it an antique look. The furniture was antique with touch of modern era to it. The french windows stood out like a spectacular view to the house. The interior of the house was truly admirable. I was brought out of my little look out by pattering of feet. Two man opened the door and enter the room chattering among themselves "Man I told you I was telling -" but looking at me they abruptly stopped

"Who are you ?" One of them asked me striding towards me he ozed confidence and power. Before I could open my mouth "She is with me Bruce " We all turned to the owner of the voice. There he stood on the door with his hands in his pocket. "Man " the two man rushed to Holden side I stood there awkwardly watching them do man hugs and pat each other back.

"She is Anna " when Holden introduced them to me the two man looked at each other as if sharing some unspoken secret. "Hello Anna I am Bruce nice to meet you ."Bruce simply shake my hand and moved away. "Hey Gorgeous I am Cameron Diaz, cam for

d with her backpack. Serena was Aaron's crush. Aaron wasn't the usual cruel and quite Aaron around Serena Valentino. Serena was Alexander Rostov younger sister. As much as I hated that arrogant selfish billionaire I greatly admired Serena. She brought the best out of Aaron and made him happy. "Hey guys"she said in her cheerful voice and waved at us all excited but when she saw Anna her eyes widened. Anna was frozen in her place I was confused how did these girls know each other. "Anna " she ran to Anna and hugged her so tightly we all exchanged looks.

Anna pov :

When we pulled away I looked at Serena she has grown into a beautiful young lady. Last time I heard she joined fashion industry and gained fame. At 18 Serena was one of the most known fashion model I was proud of her last time I have seen her she was barely 8 and so cute and chubby. Now she was very slim with curves in right place and long blond hairs.

"Annie I missed you so much. You left without telling I would always ask Nichole about you but she never told me. " Serena was crying as she held on to me like she use to when she was a child. I patted her back smothering her hairs to calm her down.

"I am sorry Sie it was better to leave. But I promise we will be seeing a lot of each other now ."I smiled warmly at me. She widened her eyes just like 10 years ago and linked her pinkie with mine. "Promise "

"Yes I promise" I said smiling at her warmly then she hugged me and turned to others. "Guys do you remember I told you about the fairy who use to be my sister best friend. That fairy is Anna and she use to be no she still is my favorite person. I am so glad after so many years I meet her again. "

"I still remember the stories you told me. "

Then she asked me the question that I never wanted to answer. I knew she loved her sister and I never intend to ruin their relationship. Serena greatly admired her sister and I never wish to change the fact. "Why did you leave? Why you never came to play with me that evening and after that " I was tongue tied I didn't know what to do or what to say.

" Holden I am not feeling well should we leave? " I asked him faking sick all eyes were on me I tried my best to hold back my tears. "Sit in the car I am just coming I need to talk to Aaron " he came to my rescue I headed to his car and opened the door and sat down on the passenger seat. The whole way Holden looked at me not saying a word and finally when we were in his garage he opened my door for me and sat down on his knees and asked "what happened ?"

I let the tears freely fall and sobbed. The moments of humiliation still imprinted on my mind.

"She is a whore. She slept with older man. She isn't a virgin. Disgusting whore " the words of humiliation so vivid and Nichole was source of this the girl who was ones my best friend.

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