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   Chapter 19 Confessions

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"Steak and a bottle of wine is all I will take for now" i handover the menu to the waiter. " You drink? "Holden asked me raising his perfectly made eye brow at me. " some times not a big fan but when I think I need it in my system and right now its one of that time ". He shrugged then took off his blazer damn the temperature raised to a whole new degree now. I cleared my throat and quickly gulped down the glass of water trying to ease my nerves.

"You know when my dad introduced me to the business world he told me to never let my most hateful secret out. Things that hurt you just bury them the way they were supposed to be even if they were the things that drive you to insanity. He use to tell me that this business world was very cruel maybe the fact made me too shady about my past - well its no more a past when it is repeating again.

Today whatever I tell you you are maybe the first person after my dad who know it. I don't know about me but I care about you. Enough to try to never get you hurt. "

We ate our food in silence after that and when we were finished and I was sipping on my beer I put it down knowing there wasn't any time left I took a deep breath and calmly asked "What do you want to know ?"

"What happened? " Two words questions -yet the answers they were the most painful memories. Marked on my brain and heart like a date on a calendar.

"Something that shouldn't have happened. I was 9 at the time. He was the new owner of my orphanage. You know right I am adopted child. I hate no scratch that I despise my real parents for giving birth to me and them leaving me alone to deal with the world. He was 23 at that time his father stepped down and let him run the place. On the first day when every kid was introduced to him he took a liking to me. The way he looked at me for the first time for a 9 year old it was nothing but today it scares me. There was so many dark intentions hidden under that one lustful gaze yet I wasn't able to know. The way he bent to my level and grasp my little hands in his today it burns me. He often use to come to my room to watch me read, write and play. I was happy to get a friend no one not a single kid at the orphanage liked me I was smart and for a 9 year old I was a quiet and a shy brilliant kid. "He use to talk to me cheer me up, tell me jokes and at night even read me books. I started warming up to him then he changed slowly showed his real intentions. He started touching me I use to think it was a harmless friendly touch but it wasn't that. Then one night he came to my room and raped me not ones multiple times I was bleeding and I was in pain. I never went to sleep that whole night afraid he will hurt me then this became frequent he use to come to my room every night. Call me in his office for talking but in reality to do it I was afraid because he use to beat me and even blackmailed me by squeezing my neck. I use to take bath alone to hide the bruises. Ones he was raping me whe

lk to her direction she was standing with her direction to him he was nervous and something told him her reaction will be priceless. He tapped on her shoulder startled she turn to him. He closed his eyes and kissed her she shoved him hard and slapped him. Earning gasp from everyone. But that day Holden realized he loved this girl and he needed her. He would follow her every where. Watch her eating alone in the cafeteria and follow her to her house. His love turned into obsession but he never told her tried to ignore her as best as he could, keep his distance for her sake. Everyone even she was under the false impression he hated her for slapping him but it wasn't the case. When he moved to Australia he tried to forget her but it was impossible. He knew one thing if Anna Garcia didn't love him Holden knight certainly did for almost 8 to 9 years and till today.

He poured out his unsaid confessions to her. "Holden I -I don't know what to say ."She was confused as much as she felt sad to break his heart. She knew million reasons why loving him would be biggest mistake of her life. She was sure there were some feelings but she didn't want to rush into anything or misread her feelings."Its OK I know I shouldn't have said this I am stupid for doing this if you don't feel the same i respect that. " There conversation was left unsaid due to the pouring rain. "Rain " Anna looked at him almost pleading to let her go out. He quickly paid for them and followed her laughing figure as she played in rain like a child. Jumping from one puddle to another. "Princess you will catch cold " he called to her excited figure. "Come on lets play " she held his hand and dragged him from his safe place. They jumped around in the rain her giggles filled the air. Come on he carried her to his SUV on his back. She was drunk and he have to carry her to her bed that night. After she changed into more suitable cloth and went to bed he sat on the couch thinking about there future's.

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