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   Chapter 18 Breakfast With The Knight

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 3355

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That morning when I came down A very sweet aroma was coming from the kitchen. Holden Knight was cooking breakfast I gasped at him which startled him he turned to me with wide eyes and the spatula in his hand hit the floor. I couldn't help but laugh at the situation his cheeks and ears turned pinks and his eyes widened further. Unable to hold my laugh any further I burst into laughter. Until I smell something burning "my pancakes " he quickly turned to them turning them over. As I sat down on the counter watching a very naked back of his I won't say I didn't like what I see because the flexing of his muscles had me thinking at how hot his back look. Ink covered one side of his back. "Enjoying what you see ?" He asked me arrogantly I scoffed "I have seen better" i added victoriously trust me when I said this I was lying never has I seen a guy half naked at least not willingly.

" You can cook "

"Yes my mother taught me she could cook anything Italian, french, Indian, continental, Ch

talk it over dinner tonight ".

Then he carried the cups of tea and breakfast to the table and put it between us. "I want to ask you something " i asked out of nowhere "Two days ago I came down to see no staff and yet there was breakfast on the table "

"That was me actually I made breakfast and then went to my room " I nodded at him. The rest of our time was spent sharing our most hilarious moments. Until he stood up and washed the dishes and then he left for work. I perched myself on the sofa to watch movies on my laptop.

"Was I really ready to tell him the whole truth I thought to myself. It was a very bitter reality that made me who I was today.

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