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   Chapter 17 Dangerous situation

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Ones again my car stopped in the middle of practically no where. I checked the time to see it was midnight. My tires were flat and unfortunately I have no spare tires right now that only meant one thing 'walk to nearest civilization and ask for a lift '. I started walking and walking and walking. My legs were ready to give up today I had a very hectic day at office. Running around the whole building was what I have done from one board meeting to another. But this was pure torture I wanted to strangle someone. I have never been a huge fan of night every thing about it brought back memories. I focused on my steps an they walked on gravels making crunching sound.

I turned to see an ally although my brain warned me not to go there. Scared about the things lurking in dark i took my chances. I felt uncomfortable, my heart was beating faster then before and surely i was sweating due to the foot steps I heard. I looked behind me to see a guy following me. Ever since I left my office building I have this strange sensation of being followed. I increased my pace to see so did the man. I started running and he followed. Shouting at me to stop. I dialed Holden hand with my shaky hands and almost on the verge of crying whispered "Holden I am being followed " I told him where i was and begged him to hurry up.

Holden pov :

Since today there wasn't much to do I returned early then I went over to Stacy's house. She has been telling me to come to meet her for a very long time now. My men were with me I traveled with them every where now in case of an emergency occur. My phone won't stop ringing and the number that popped up was of Anna. Hearing what she told me I panicked she was alone and without any protection. Luckily she was close by she told me her location.

"Hey honey " I wrapped my arms around her pulling her closer. For a minute or two she was surprised but then she gratefully squeezed my arm. "Do you see that ally on my left when I tell you to run - Do what I say my men are waiting for you they would take you aw

for him and took me home. I couldn't help but worry about Holden I prayed for him. Thankfully Celia was there too she hugged me as I cried. I was pacing around the place ."Miss sit down you will tire your self out. Sir is fine he will be okay I have seen him fight. He can take care of himself " but it all made me more anxious. " Please tell me he is okay Its my fault I dragged him into this mess ".

"Who dragged whom princess?" My eyes widened and a smile spread on my lips I along with others turned to him. Their he stood all in his glory. His hairs all messy like he has been tugging on them. His hands in his pockets and with him many other people stood one of them was his brother who nodded at me briefly before looking between me and his brother trying to form a connection. I rushed to him not caring if all eyes were trained on us. His arms opened as he picked me off the floor in the air by my waist - my legs instantly went and wrapped themselves around his torso tightly and arms around his neck. "I am sorry I lied to you " I muttered in his shoulder. "Its okay you are forgiven". Then i pulled away breathless "hey beautiful " he grinned at me.

"Hey handsome " I smiled back at him and our lips met in a passionate kiss ones again. from the corner of my eye I saw as other people tried to busy themselves with some work in hands.

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