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   Chapter 16 Hey! Beautiful

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 2416

Updated: 2017-12-21 23:33

"Please God send Holden soon !Please Please! " I prayed that Holden better hurry up before Mike gets to me I was afraid of consequences if he reaches me first Maybe he came to end my life or rape me like before. Silent tears left my eyes I clamp my hand on my mouth to muffle my sobs and screams. "Baby girl won't you open the door for me I have missed you flower" I backed away further as if his voice has burned me. Indeed it did it brought all those horrific memories back and I find it hard to breath properly. Why wasn't anyone coming to see me? Where was everybody? So many questions circulated my mind. And just like that the knocking stopped. I was baffled by it trying to look for something worth defending me t

e like before. It made me sad to know he don't feel the same about me. Yes i started falling for Holden although I knew we can't be together heck he was every girl's dream I was no one just a broken girl who came running to him whenever I needed him.

"I should talk to the receptionist. Will you be okay here by your self" I nodded my head smiling at him to show him I was okay. He grinned at me before ruffling my hairs laughing at my expressions and turning away to leave.

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