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   Chapter 15 Mike's arrival

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 2418

Updated: 2017-12-21 23:31

Anna pov:

Due to the rain the roads were jammed packed. I reached my office late then usual approximately half hour late and rushed towards the elevator which was packed with people too which cost me my 10 minutes. Nerveless I used the stairs and reached the conference room just in time and quietly slipped in my seat without drawing attention to me. Katherine gave me the briefing of today meeting. It took 2 boring hours for the meeting to come to its climax and I met the investors with a handshake and a most fake and sweetest smile of mine that i have leaned to smile even if I was in no mood for the crap. My head was pounding and a headache was forming. Katherine brought me her most famous coffee that I loved.

yed and prayed. Then he did "Hey princess "his voice filled my ears my eyes watered on its own accord. "Holden please come here soon ".

"Anna what happened ?" He asked me with concern in his voice. "Please just come here soon he - he is here. I am scared".

Then someone knocked on the door I let out a petrified scream and the phone hit the floor leaving my shaky hands "flower open the door look who is here?" I backed away from my desk. "Mike" i whispered in disbelief.

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