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   Chapter 14 interrogations

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That day when i came down to eat breakfast it was unusually quite. Not that this house wasn't quiet but today you could feel the silence biting you. My feets carried me to the kitchen to find it all empty. I knitted my eyebrows together. Then tried several other rooms to find the same results.

Where was everybody I thought. I went back to the kitchen to see plate of freshly baked pancakes, streaming cup of coffee and scrambled eggs. After I was done and washed my dishes. I went upstairs only to see one of the picture on the floor rather than the wall. I picked it up to see Holden arms flunged around Stacy McQueen and a guy who looked like he belong to the cover of vogue. They all were smiling at the camera.

I tried to reach for the nail but I was too short. Even if I tried to jump several time to reach the height. I dragged one of the chair nearby and pushed it lightly to the wall. Then I stood on it. The chair a bit shaky but then it stopped. I stood on the tips of my fingers and finally I managed to put the picture on its rightful place. The most horrific thing happened one minute the chair was stable the next it toppled over flinging me forward. My eyes widened in fright because the chair was near to the staircase. I was going to fall to my death just like Thalia knight.

Someone snatched me from from the air and I was engulfed in my savior arms. He was practically cradling me like a child. My eyes widened to see it was no one ot

ath 3 years ago I am the person who is obligated to hold charity events every year. The 20% goes to different charity organisations ."

"So how's the business world treating you? I mean you are a girl it's not too easy for you to gain trust of investors and all. "

" It wasn't easy in the beginning but with my work I proved them wrong on many points. I am still struggling but the road isn't as bumpy as it was before ." He smiled at my example.

"If you ever need help you can ask my brother. I know you don't need his help but still if you need some guidance or any sort of favor just ask my brother. Besides how is Serra ?" I was taken back by his question should I lie that we aren't in touch any more. But he will catch my lie he knows we are best friends. " she is fine too. Thanks for asking She asked about you " he smiled

Then he checked his watch and his eyes widened "I should get going now. Take care Anna " and just like that he turned away to leave.

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