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   Chapter 12 Trying to live a little with Holden Knight

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 5061

Updated: 2017-12-21 23:21

"Boss Its hard to get your girl now. Holden knight has taken her under his wing. I don't think he plans to let another man near her. He is watching over her like her guardian angel ". Clark added as he put some pictures on the table besides Mike. He looked through the pictures of Anna & Holden as they held hands, laughed at each other. He clenched his hands in fist.

"That bastard! He want to steal my Anna from me I will make sure to kill the boy ones I get my hands on him ". He threw the glass of whiskey on the floor that resulted in it shattering in parts. "He think he can steal what's rightfully mine .He started a war " .Clark shuttered in fear despite being a loyal follower to Mike he felt pity for Anna he knew she deserved nothing like Mike's obsession. She reminded him of his daughter Maria. He never saw someone as beautiful and as pure as Anna. Never as kind and innocent as her. For once he wished he was anywhere but here. But it was for the sake of his children and wife that he was forced into keeping tabs on Anna.

Anna pov :

Who knew going through so many files can be an impossible task. My butt was numb due to sitting on one chair for hours. My legs has lost any feeling to them long hours ago. My brain in frenzy due to plenty things that were wrong. My back was stiff and my neck sore due to bowing too much on the files.

"Miss Anna " Katherine stood near my desk with my phone in hand. "Yes Katherine! Please tell them I am busy right now. What ever meeting they want it can

"I am not sitting on this monster " i said pointing at his bike and gulped .His eyes held amusement.

"I don't want to die " i mumbled to myself mostly. "Come here" he said softly extending his hand towards her. Unconsciously she grabbed it making him carefully pull her to him. The warmth from his body touching her almost as something much more needed. For once she didn't care if people saw them together or if they gossip about their close proximity. "Don't worry I will drive slowly I promise " he gave her hand a reassuring squeeze. She nodded he handed her another helmet and when she looked at it like inspecting something foreign. He made sure it was his job to put it on her head. With simple instructions they were off to there destinations. Putting her arms around his waist nothing looked inappropriate to her. Ones in her life time that day she felt truly special and needed. She smiled, she laughed and share her experiences with him openly a feeling she have given up five years ago.

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