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   Chapter 11 Closer

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 5034

Updated: 2017-12-21 23:20

"So what do you plan to do today" he asked me wiping the corners of his lips with a napkin. "

" I really don't have any plans today " I rubbed my forehead and turned to him.

"Perfect" he clapped his hands. "Come on let me show you around the house" he lightly grabbed my hands raising me from my seat. I quickly dashed to the sink and washed my hand. "Now I am ready lead the way doctor " we spent next two hours looking around the house. Trust me this mansion was grand with 4 stories, numerous passages and rooms fit for an army.

"Why is your house so grand " I asked your curiosity.

"As you know Allen Knight was a mobster he needed this place to hide his men. Besides most of his men lived here with us " I shuddered I can't still forget our not so good history with his dad. Honestly I hated that man and so did Holden the was he talked about him like he was something disgusting beyond belief.

His back was stiff his fist clenched and his face expressionless. " So " he asked me

"So?"He smiled ." Wanna watch something this place has a huge theatre ".

"You know when I was young and my mother was alive me & my mom spent my weekends here. We literally watched every movie ".

"Wow! It must be fun. Your childhood would have been fun " I tried to search for the right words trying to make sure he won't get upset again.

"Not exactly but until my mom was alive yes it was. You know she made everyone around her feel happy. Until she was alive and around she was my only friend

as quickly as the previous idea came in my mind. "Please can you kindly put me on the floor. "

" You forget to add handsome to your request "

"Please handsome can you kindly put me on the floor " he was chuckling now "No can't do princess. You look hot this way ." That arrogant self centered guy.

The moment my body hit the ice cold water I shrieked "Holden ". He was laughing now with his hands on his knees and his body vibrating with his loud laugh.

"You are going to get it " i ran towards him with my arms opened and my wet self. His eyes widened like a child he tried to run but I wrapped my legs on his waist jumping on him my arms around his neck. We both were wet now and nothing more can give me the satisfaction then seeing the devil shivering and his teeth chattering. In the midst of all the fun I totally forget how cold it actually was. Until we both were wrapped in blankets with coffee in our hands and huddled around the fire we were talking about absolutely everything.

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