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   Chapter 10 Her protector

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 4789

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My dream ... It held the fragments of the broken person I was. I knew I could be saved in my real life but in my nightmares he win. He always win leaving me desperate to get justice - leaving me desperate to save myself from my ultimate fate. But Holden - Holden Knight for the first time made me realize that you make your own fate. Mike wasn't winning anytime soon became it was my time to rise. Time to show him that I wasn't going to be stomped under his feet.

" I am going to get you and I am going to make you suffer " I said a unsaid promise. " It was my time to fight back - show him who was the boss. I signed looking one last time in the mirror my eyes were red & puffy and I was sleep deprived. The nightmares kept me awake at nights. I was losing a battle but not anymore. I opened the door there he stood with tray of food in his hands. His eyes widened as he took in my appearance. There were different emotions in his eyes for sometime we stood like this having a stare off match until he turned away. Placing the food on the side table of my bed. " You went to sleep without eating I thought you must be hungry. I wasn't sure what will you eat so i brought you everything. " I looked at the tray laden with food of many kinds. I started eating but my thoughts were mainly consumed by the nightmares. It was beyond me why I could never save her. Maybe because in real life too I failed to save myself why could d

of my face trapping me. She felt his lips very gently brushing against her forehead. She was breathless - due to his small act of affection. Then he stood up and stride to his place on the couch and laid on it. Her ears were red and her face warm and she knew she was blushing.

"Good night Anna. Sweet dreams princess " he softly whispered to her sleeping form. Everything about her was enchanting the way her eyes fluttered shut. The way she rolled to other side burying her face deeper into the pillow. And the rising and falling of her chest. Ones again just like one particular night Holden stayed awake. Watching her sleep peacefully but it made him happy to know she slept peacefully throughout the night without crying or screaming. The sacrifice was worth it after all as he stayed awake through out the night facing her. It was his luck she was there with him. She was there where she rightfully belonged and time proved it .. Very Soon

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