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   Chapter 9 Nightmares

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The room was absolutely beautiful. The walls were baby blue with golden flowers patterns on it giving the room an almost royal look. In the middle of the room there was a huge chandelier that was so elegant and grand. It illuminated the whole room giving it an elegant ballroom look. One side of the room was all walk in closet and indeed I never saw that grand walk in closets in my whole life. The dresses, watched, shoes everything in the closet was well kept

"This was my mother's room "i whirled around in surprise my hand on my chest. His sudden appearance had scared me making me jump out of my skin a little bit. "Sorry if you say I can change my room ." I sincerely apologize.

"Its okay no you can stay here. She had been dead for along time and isn't coming back. Its good to know someone is taking her room making it look more alive then ever. "There was unspoken sadness in his voice and I turned towards the french windows.

"I take it as the cue you like your room." He tried to change our tense conversation.

"Like it I love it thank you for letting me stay. I don't know how to repay you " i smiled warmly at him.

"Repay me "he raised his eyebrow and smirked .Dismissively he raised his hands "You never have to pay me .You are happy and safe that is all I ever want " my heart melted at his sincerity.

" So " he tried to change the awkward atmosphere. Then he cleared his throat bringing me out of my train of thoughts. "How about you take some rest .Until then the lunch will be prepared ."


was in the room as i was rushing to her room. I opened the door with so much force that it was broken. There she was on the bed panting, crying, screaming in her dream.

"Anna its a dream - its a dream. " I was shaking her. And then her eyes opened. She hugged me tightly crying in my arms that circled her protectively. "Holden she - I couldn't save her. She cried for me but I was frozen in place. I watched her as he teared her dignity apart. Holden you have to save her she is dying he is killing her every day. Whenever I sleep her plea for help are the only things that I hear. " Just like that I held her in my arms as she talked about a certain someone cooing in her ears until her form relaxed in my arms and she closed her eyes. I looked at her tear stained face and for the time I saw the real Anna the vulnerable Anna the Anna who would cry herself to sleep. And I promised myself I will find him and tear him apart. Just for the girl in my arms and I have no answers why? Why I could do anything for her

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