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   Chapter 8 Living arrangements

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" You wished to see me princess ". I frowned at his endearment Holden would never stop calling me princess. He gestured for me to sit across him on the Sofa and I made sure to keep myself as far from him. I was hesitant to sit in front of any guy due to my past and events from yesterday. His eyes followed my every movement with great interest as if trying to understand the reason behind it. Slowly I found myself melting under his looks. I gulped at the way his eyes leisurely watched me as I tried to make myself comfortable. Nerveless he made no comment at my discomfort.

"So?" He was the first one to break the deafning silence.

"How are you ?" He looked genuinely interested.

"Not fine " I answered truthfully I wasn't going to lie about my current situation. He nodded his head.

"How was Australia? " I tried to strike a conversation. He smilled at the progress of our "talk".

" Loved it there. The people, culture and also the work every thing was worth living. " I smiled in encouragment.

" Holden do you remember what you said to me the last time we met ".

" Indeed I do - how can I forget my promise "

"Tell me what exactly happened ?" He sound concerned. I handed him the pictures and the letter. Yes I kept a copy of proof of the things Mike sent me ."

"That bloody bastard " he grinted his teeth in anger. Don't worry whoever he is I will find him and the day I do l will make him wish he was never born. "

Wait you will be thinking I would have told Holden all about Mike well no I wasn't going to not now when I wasn't ready. I wasn't

then the last time I have seen her. Even her tears everything about her was beautiful. I am talking like her lover right now. Urghh she made me feel this way. The instict to protect her and keep her close to me was so great that I was ready to take every measure. Leave nothing absolutely nothing untouched just to see her happy and safe.

"Why don't you stay here princess? " I even suprised myself by suggesting. He lips were partied in shock at my revelation. Her doe like eyes wide open.

"I mean you have no where to go and this houseis too big for me. Besides I can protect you here. I have guards here and I can keep an eye out for you ". I must sound disperate to you I think the isolation has taken a troll on me. I was going to go crazy sooner or later.

"Okay " I was surprised she agreed.

" You can pick any room from this house and don't worry about the cloth and anything. You have everything here. If the cloth don't fit you well we can have new one. And that is how ladies & gentlemen I started to live with Holden under one roof

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