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   Chapter 7 First meeting

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 3359

Updated: 2017-12-21 23:00

Here I stood in front of the Brobdingnagian Gates of the mansion .Looked at the address in my hand ones again to confirm whether I was on the right address. The Walls of the House were gigantic and covered with beautiful vines that gave the house a fairy tale like look. I pressed the doorbell.

"Yes?" A man dressed in black stood on the foor .His hairs combed back and his face expression less. He inspected me with an air of suspicion. " I "

"Yes Miss whom do you wish to see ?" He cut me before I could complete my sentence.

"I came to see Doctor Holden ".

"And you are?" He further inquired.

"Anna -Anna Garcia. Mr Knight know me well. " I cursed for shuttering. He might suspect that I was lying but everything about him was so intermediating just like the man I was going to meet. After analyzing me for fraction of seconds. He opened the door further and step aside signaling me to move forward. I entered the house men dressed in black were every where. I forced to look away. "

felt prang of dejection for the murdered women.Holden and Roman looked so happy. Thalia arms wrapped around 2 her sons who were grinning at the camera it made me smile for ones seeing them so happy. In rest I saw Holden as he partied with his friends. I couldn't deny the fact that Holden was so striking .His looks were so arresting- His looks very captivating but the playboy reputation of his was a blotch on his good looks. Then ones again my eyes went to the same picture.

"Done admiring my good looks princess ". His conceited remark got me off guard and my head wiped to the side to see him standing with an haughty smile on his lips.

"Hello princess "

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