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   Chapter 5 The unknown Sender

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It was suppose to be a normal day at work. For Anna at least she had to sign some important documents, Attend some meetings and talk to some clients regarding the projects they were recently working on. She was very passionate about her Job .Her father have left each and every penny under her name.He was a dedicated man and as dedicated as he was towards his adopted daughter .He was determined about his work too.Anna was doing her best to expand that worth million of properties .She was proud of him and even when he was dead she was trying to make sure that people remembered her by associating her with him. People found it some where admiring that she was so selfless and she had never done something to bring her dead father name down .On every step of her success she mentioned him proudly. She was a perfect daughter -Perfect in every way.

"Ma'am" Katherine was standing with her files .As she entered the office.She glace at the papers once and took pointers .Then they entered the board room together. Sitting along side each. Katherine was very efficient secretary.One reason that Anna hired her because she was hardworking and she did her job well .Plus point was everything was done on time with minimum mistakes.

She entered her personal office.It was spacious and made of wood.One side of the office was all glass .She could glace down and see the whole city.The view was breath taking .On one side of the office there was an elegant book selves that consisted of manuals, business books and magazines.In the middle of the room there was a sofa set that was all white in contrast wi

th the bookshelf. Then she entered her powder room that was attached to the office. She looked at herself in the mirror .She looked tired .Soft bags covered her eyes and her hairs were slightly messed up .She tried to smother them her wet hairs. Then adjusted her pencil skirt. And exited the powder room.Just then Katherine entered the office.

"Anna here is this envelope .This was couriered to you this morning."

"Any idea who is the sender " Anna said checking for any name but found none.

"None ". Katherine replied shrugging her shoulders.

"Thanks Katherine I will look into this .You go and email the details to the company ASAP ". Katherine left the office.The Anna tuned to the task at hand, Her mind was warning her to leave the envelope untouched. It was first time in her life that she got an unnamed courier. Something was wrong truly wrong. She teared the top of the envelope .And looked inside her eyes widened .There were pictures.Pictures of her in her office doing different activities, in her apartment and there were some pictures of her as she slept. Her suspicion was confirmed she wasn't alone someone was following her. As she dug further she discovered there was a letter too. She pulled it out with shaky hands. Her lips quivered in fear.

"I am back for you my flower.You are mine "

"Mike" she whispered as the letter left her badly shaking hand and fall on the floor along with the pictures. One thing was sure she wasn't safe any where her home or her working place. He was watching her and this time she knew if he gets his hands on her no one could save her.

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