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   Chapter 4 New York

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New York still looked same but with slight difference. Some new skylines and new construction sides. The flight was rather a long one and tiring too. I could have taken my personal jet but then I decided against it. Here I was standing now as my men loaded my suitcases in the car trunk .I was welcomed by the head of my security Alexander Valdez.

" Hello Sir " as we shake hands formally.

"Hello Alexander! How are you ?" I asked him. He was my most trusted men and i have known him for quiet a long time. "I am good sir. How was the flight ?" He inquired. "A rather tiring one " I shrugged. As I have settled in the car. with the driver and Alexander in the front seat ."Where to sir?" He turned to me. ' First I need to see my brother and then take me to Stacy place. I planned to give my brother a visit since he straight away refused to come to see me at the airport. As much as I wanted to directly go home I always feel obligated to see my younger brother even when he never had any time to see me. I wasn't a big fan of my brother but since he was my only family alive and I cared about him, Besides he needed me Right now more then ever when he had problem with his love life and he had dedicated all his time to search for a girl who probably didn't want him in her life. I loosened my tie, removed my coat and rolled my cuff till my elbows. Before I knew it I was standing in front of my brother house. The security let me in. I literally had to waste my half an hour for that brother of mine by sitting in his lounge. I am a very patient men but when it comes to wasting my time it pisses me off. Finally after waiting for half an hour Roman graced me with his presence ."Baby brother how nice of you to finally come down to me .I feel so honored right now " .I added in my sarcastic tone .I like to tease him because he easily gets all worked up. " I always told you not to call me baby brother since we have little age deference. "See I told you he gets defensive. We did bro hug and then settled for discussing some personal matters.

"So what have you been up to lover boy ?Still chasing the one that got away ?"

"HUH so You have to be a savage every time you see me ?Don't you? Don't test my patience because I have none and the little patience that i have I have no time to waste it on you ." My brother has this habit of getting all defensive when it comes to reminding him to stop working his ass off to just to find Serra. To be honest take me as inconsiderate bastard or heedless, spineless guy without any feeling I was trying to look out for my brother. My brother has lost his sleep and everything just to find a girl who want to remain undiscovered. I couldn't bear to see my brother in more pain .It hurts me to know that he is

getting all crazy running around the world leaving everything unattended and whatever he had gained in his life .I can't sit there and watch his everything taken from him. About Serra I really don't hate her or hold grudge against her for anything because being a more practical guy I think that she is doing what she thinks is good for us all.

"You know I found her .I know where she is and what she is doing .God she haven't changed and I want to go to her and tell her that she though I didn't know where she was but no matter in this world where ever she go -where ever she hide - where ever she run to I will find her. But I can't go to her at least not yet?" Roman replied .For a moment I was stunned into silence."Then why don't you? I mean why you never went to her and make her see that you know she is in Texas."

"Because I Love her too much and if i suddenly go to her .It will scare her more .I am giving her space that she needs right now .I know early I made mistakes.Lots of mistakes but I don't want to repeat them again .I promised myself to be a better man and be the kind of guy mom was proud of. When i discovered the reality something changed in me. I discovered that what I did with Serra wasn't right Was acting like my so called father .And then I started to hate the old me with a passion. Live with the burden of Peter and Jamaica death every day. I finally knew the truth that if you love someone think about them think about their happiness. In love being selfish isn't the best thing and what I did was out of ego .I thought that my wealth can make Serra stay with me whatever I do to her as long as I have money she will love me .She will stay by my side but then she left and realized that money can't buy someone affection, someone devotion. It can't make someone love you and for someone to return your feelings you don't need money you need love ."

"Glad you came to that conclusion pretty quickly." I muttered sarcastically. "Anyway I should get going I am pretty late " I looked at my watch and stood up to leave. I wasn't going to go to Stacy's place anymore I was too tired now. I stood in front of the mansion where my mother was murdered. There were mix feelings regret, sadness and other swirl of emotions. The place was like a cemetery except the corpses were long gone. I looked at the spot with grief where my mother's body ones laid. A feeling of nausea washed over me. I looked away unable to look at the murder spot anymore. I wanted to sell this place away or go to the other apartments and mansions that I owned but my heart was drawn to this place. Here i find myself closer to my mother memories. All I longed was for someone apart from the staff and my bodyguards to be here with me so I couldn't feel lonely anymore.

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