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   Chapter 3 Farewells

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Holden knight a famous doctor and surgeon by profession. With Greek god looks a perfect and sharp jawline. A million dollar smile and, the cute dimples that could charm any girl to lose their hearts and much more. A body worth drooling for. With perfectly ripped muscles and a tanned body. His eyes had very unique color "the color of melted honey " .He was every girl's dream. He was your kind of guy "tall, dark and handsome as hell ". And he enjoyed every moment of it.

Holden was working continuously for 11 hours now. All he needed was a little rest and peace. King Edward Memorial hospital was one of the top and best hospital and he enjoyed working here. Today here it was his last day of work and he was leaving for New York tomorrow. 5 years of hard work the patients, doctors and staff were like a family to him now and the idea that he was leaving for home after having the honor to spend some of the most memorable moments with them made him sad and disappointed. He was surely going to miss them he was so sure of that everyone has been so amazing, kind and supportive of him. He ordered a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee for himself. Then settled for on one of the less noisy and crowded place of the cafeteria. He was rudely interrupted by the continuous ringing of his iPhone.

"Wow! Finally the world is coming to an end "he muttered to himself he was annoyed at the fact that he never get to have his personal time and when he do he was often interrupted.

"The other person is really busy and need a bit of peace " he added sarcastically.

" Hello to you too player " he rolled his eyes in annoyance. Stacy McQueen had this weird habit of calling him with not -so -awesome -names.

" I heard about your and Brandon breakup Stacy are you all right ?" he asked her out of no where as she was telling him about her recent shopping sprees.

"It wasn't that bad one day we both wake up to finally come to the conclusion we fell out of love and the best thing at the moment was breaking up. He found someone and I have goals to look forward to. So yeah I am absolutely fine and free". He could tell that Stacy no matter how much she try to hide it from him was stressed she really have wanted the relationship with Brandon work and some how he knew she blamed herself for the breakup. He have know Stacy for most part of his life and he knew that no mater how brave and unaffected she tried to sound she never got over the breakup. There was silence on both ends and finally when Stacy spoke Holden wished she never asked him that question.

" Hows Chang? " Stacy sounded reluctant to as the way her voice cracked. Both the ends stayed quite for sometimes trying to measure how to move forward without causing any more damage to the way there conversation has taken a turn .Holden has given his best to bring both best friends together at least if that wasn't possible at least to make them talk like two civil people. So far his job as a peacemaker was all in vain because two people who ones were so inseparable were now so distant that how much force he put into decreasing this distant he was the only one at loss. It drained his energy just to think about what happened to the bond the trio had ones and now it was fading away because of two people who were so stubborn and egoistic to accept and move on. Chang wasn't ready to make peace and Stacy out of her ego never wanted to talk to Chang He finally came to conclusion if not make two people at the same time start seeing their mistakes how about the most approachable one and that was none other then Stacy. He felt bad truly - bad for pointing his fingers at her and accuse her for something she has done to save so many people future. But his hands were tied. Tied with that promise he has done to her a long time ago to help her no matter if she was right in the situation or wrong.

"Why don't you ask him yourself. You of all people did mess up his life after all. Look Stacy I know it was our elders fault too they should have been understanding of you and I know the aspect of marriage at the time when you were head over heel for Brandon and had no feeling for Chang I know you think of him as your best friend only and marrying him would have been mistake but the way you guys reacted that wasn't completely acceptable. Stacy I know you didn't feel the same way and he is your best friend only but you left him to deal with all the mess alone you left him when he need you by his side and when he was feeling so low. You messed up big times and then he was left to face the audience. Did you see the media frenzy that was created. The news was all over the social media and Chang lost too much just because you didn't think straight ".

""I know --look I am sorry I didn't think straight but its not my mistake. Holden please try to understand my point of view. Dad, mom everyone they left me to deal with it but you are my best friend you have to understand I loved someone else and I had so many dreams how could I just accept what the elders wanted me to do and threw away my chances. Please Holden talk to him tell him I am sorry. Can't we all change everything to what it previously was like. Can't we move on. I am guilty till today for what happened - I-I indeed am and I repent my actions and decisions till now ".

Holden rubbed his temples in frustration ."Look Stacy I will try my best. I can't promise you for the good news but still I will try to help my level best ".Then he quickly changed the topic there was no need of beating over the past and he was already feeling miserable about the situation.Holden Knight never liked the situations where his hands were tied

"What are you doing today ?" he asked her to divert her attention from such tense conversation.

"Oh me just thinking about shopping. You know me and Anna are going for shopping. We are going to ha

ve this grand party for the opening of my new boutique and i want to be the center of the party. "Holden rolled his eyes typical Stacy she loved to be the center of everyone attention. Then his mind drifted to Anna and their last meeting. It confused him to no end how the mention of her name was enough to take his mind back to a certain beautiful Burnett. A slight smile crossed his lips.

" Holden I gotta go now I have to go for shopping and Anna is going crazy honking her car like the crazy person she is. She is the most impatient person on this earth I swear to God. "Holden smirked on the other hand he heard Stacy cursing under her breath and shuffling before he cut the call.

"So what made you smile Doctor. "Chang was standing by my table clutching his files in one hand as he held his coffee cup with other one. "Nothing " I simply and focused on my coffee.

" Your girlfriend ?"he raised his eyebrows questioningly at me he expected me to start answering now and I know he won't like what I will tell him.

"Nah I discarded her, she was annoying"I said nonchalantly.To be honest I was just trying to buy sometime before revealing the identity of the caller. Chang rolled his eyes and made himself comfortable on one of the chair beside mine still his eyes were focused on my face as if trying to read my face. He won't stay at peace till he got the answer that he was fully expecting.

"So who was it exactly ?" As much as I didn't want to drive him away I knew I could never lie to him. He could see through my lies so easily just like you can see through a glass. The other reason was that if I lied to him about it it makes it difficult for him to trust me later Chang believed everything I told him and to him I was the only person who was his confidence only person now whom he can talk to about anything. After Stacy left him for Brandon I have seen Chang at his worst I have seen his tantrums I have seen him pushing his family and friends away. Chang was never good with showing his emotions and especially the only girl who you loved forever and still do rejects you for someone else the betrayal that you feel it not the best feeling that you want to experience.

"Stacy " he stayed quite it was his most obvious reaction whenever I mentioned her name. We both tried to keep our self busy, me with my coffee and him as he looked at his files his hands were clutched on the side of his table and lost their color I could see a storm of emotions brewing in him.

"She said she was sorry" He stopped writing on the file "tell her the damage is done and its better if you guys don't discuss me ever again ." With that he walked away not before discarding his half filled coffee cup in the nearest dustbin .His posture so stiff and rigid. his one hand balled into fist and the other clutching his poor files with so much anger that his fingers turned paper white. I took a sharp intake of breath "Well that went so well I muttered to myself ". I was walking back to tell the head doctor I was going to clear my desk. Maria greeted me she was very sweet she was the intern here.

"Hello doctor "she was smiling like everyday I have never seen her sad or tired. She was that bubbly over enthusiastic girl that I have know for 3 month. She unlike other interns came early and on time and was always persistent to learn something new everyday she reminded of myself in my intern years and for ones I knew Maria was going to reach heights and she was going to have a very successful career just like I have achieved.

"Hello Maria".I smiled at her warmly and then walked to Dr Wales office. He was the head doctor of the hospital. He along with his wife Sarah Wales were running the hospital. Both were renounced doctors and very passionate about their work. I truly admired Dr Wales he was a very charming and dedicated man. He was the reason I got the job in this hospital. As for Dr Sarah she was the women of principle and always supportive of her husband together both were a power couple and I have always seen them pushing each other to their best. They understood each other so well and never let each other fall down that it reminded me of my mother and I wished she was here to see me as I dedicated my life to my patients and my work. I knew she was proud of me and that thought drove me to my best.

Then i entered Dr.Wale's office. "Holden" he signaled me over. "So you are leaving. Doctor it was an honor to work with you " he said shaking my hand enthusiastically.I could see pride in his eyes and I thanked God for bring me to such heights of my career.

" Indeed Doctor the pleasure will be all mine I learned so much from you and everything that you have done for me. I won't ever forget that. Please someday when you visit New York please do visit my place."

"Sure sure Doctor I will never hesitate to accept your hospitality. Before you leave please for ones have a cup of tea with me and all thanks to you today we were able to tackle all the chaos at the hospital. Dr Seldon have to leave for some family emergency. He called me and informed me his mother died and he have to attend the funeral. thanks to you that you came to the hospital and took his place otherwise I don't know how we would have controlled all the chaos at the hospital Mondays are the most busiest days of all and missing on hospital staff is something we can't afford at least not on this particular day ."

Holden smiled it was common for him to take the place of any missing doctor on his holidays. After all humanity is more important than holidays.

When he left the hospital building he had this feeling that he was going to New York with a far more important purpose. At that time he wasn't aware what destiny was planning for him. And how the dimension of his life was going to change forever. HE was going to New york as God has planned for him.

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