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   Chapter 2 The cloaked man

The Doctor's Obsession By Amna_H Characters: 4105

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Anna pov

"Urghh really " i rested my head on the car door. I was standing in the middle of the road for quiet a while now. But it looks like i was going to stand here for the whole night.

"Great! Brilliant "I sarcastically muttered to myself. The road was deserted with not a single car in sight. My car has the most funniest time of deserting me on the lone road.

"Damn! Its 1:12 A.m " i cursed looking at my hand watch.

This road was barely used by anyone. Trees and bushes were the only things in my sight.

The only option was to stay in the car for the whole night and wait for any car to arrive or walk on foot. I wasn't going to stay here waiting the whole night. Not the best option for a lone traveler. I inspected the road ahead of me. With a sharp intake of breath I detached myself from my car. After locking it properly and taking out all my important things from the car that consisted of documents, my Gucci bag, a water bottle and my phone I locked the car properly.

Then i started to Jog on the road. Only trees and road came in my sight. The moon was covered by thick blanket of clouds and even the stars looked dull and boring in contrast to the black clouds that littered the sky. People will think why i wasn't using my phone and calling someone well the simple answer is on this uncivilized road no signals were available and I was losing my battery soon. A cold gush of air blew suddenly. I wrapped my arms tightly around myself. The howling wind and blowing leaves made me shiver. " God please help me !I need to get home soon ". I chanted it like a mantra again and again.

"God Anna you ate dumb should have taken the main road ." I was scolding myself for my stupidity. But what has to happen was already done I was repenting my action now and it was too late for that now. The last messages that I received was from Serra.

2 Hours Later :

I was tired of walking and adding to my miseries I was lost .The town that I entered was unknown to me. Nothing looked familiar. I tried to calm myself do

wn but with increasing time my anxiety was increasing too. I didn't realize when the road ended and I was met with a very dark ally. Surprisingly the wind has stopped. I gulped in fear .I had often seen the protagonist in horror movies entering these type of streets and trust me nothing good came out of it. But I was going to take my chances too. I took one shaky breath and let out a humorless laugh.

"I am big brave girl. I can do it I can do it. Wolf living on this street I just came to leave. "I was singing to myself some random things that didn't make any sense. And then with a new found courage and determination I marched in the street.

And guess what this street was more like a maze more streets greeted my sight. Karma would have been totally laughing at me. I screamed in anger. And after stomping my heels on the ground I entered a random street. This street was so dark that i was practically walking Aimlessly hitting into walls .I opened my phone for some sort of lightning my vision was slightly disturbed by some shadowy figure. But as quickly as I saw it the figure disappeared maybe it was my thoughts. Did you ever get this feeling that someone is continuously watching you. Their lingering gazes make your skin itch. You feel uncomfortable and conscious of your surrounding. I didn't wait any longer and quickly turned around and started running. Gone was the care about any of my belongings. I just wanted to get home safely in the protection of my bed. And forget any of this things happened. Finally I managed to get home safely. At the door I was greeted by the questioning looks of gate keepers but I ran past him opened my door quickly and after entering it shut it with a thud behind me as if it will keep the monsters out.

Mike Bradshaw stood outside her apartment and looked at her window before disappearing in the shadows. "Very soon my sweet flower very soon " he whispered a unspoken promise to the howling wind as his cloak figure disappeared in the dark night chuckling and whistling.

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