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   Chapter 37

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4299

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Dem waited rather impatiently. “Does Derek King even exist? He

asked the crew.

“No. Not anymore. But I am his replacement.” Jesse walked in

extending his hand, “An honor to meet you, Captain Dem.

Sorry for the delay. I was burying my Captain. Now what did

you want to see me about?" Jesse sat down after shaking his

Grandfathers hand.

“Uh…this ship…I capture it.” Dem stuttered, thrown off track

by the young man’s surprising speech.

Jesse studied the studied his grandfather while considered

what to say in reply, “Captain Demetri of the original Mi“cio, I

challenge you.”

“What? I mean challenge me to what?” Dem was again

surprised, this young man was strange and unpredictable.

“I challenge you for leadership of Mi“cio.” Jesse clarified.

“What’s the challenge? Dem repeated.

Jesse gave a half smile, “Checkers. Winner takes all. Loser

becomes winners prisoner.”

Dem broke into a smile, “Deal!” They shook on it.

Jesse found a checker board and they sat down, “Want a drink

old man? This could be a long game.”

Dem’s eyes flashed. "Yeah get yourself one drink, too.” Once

they had there drinks the battle began.

“You should quit now, your as much a legend as Mi“cio is.”

Jesse said as he moved a pawn.


r corrupt people, or is it the other way around?

Regardless, of the answer. Mi“cio will rise again to it’s former


I love my family, and now together we will rebuild the legend of

Mi“cio. The planet Base of my past and my future will live

again. Mi“cio is strong, it has strong people backing it. Together

we will stand in the galaxy as one. Forever standing not as a

symbol of fear, hatred, or violence but representing hope. Hope

of the impossible.

I wonder…

What would we try if we knew that everything we attempted we

would be success? What would we do with that power? The

possibilities are limitless if you believe. Believe in yourself,

believe in the impossible. Just believe. It will carry you through

anything. Never give up hope of the impossible, if you do , you

give up on yourself.


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