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   Chapter 36

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4356

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

“You listen to me Drek Comlin. Jesse Keith is no more dead

then Dem is, believe me, neither of them can die. It is

impossible. Roselynne is the same way so stop wasting tears on

sadness that hasn’t occurred.”

“Maelynne, have you lost-”

“No, Drek I’m not crazy. I know the truth. There is something

on Dem’s side. Some kind of indestructibility gene that he’s

passed on to Rose and she gave to Jesse Keith. The boy also

knows, he discovered it a few years ago, after an accident that

he should have died in, Now if Jesse Keith wanted you to think

he’s dead then he must have a good reason, but he’s not dead.

That I will absolutely guarantee.”

Drek’s face lit up with cautious hope, “Really Maelynne? Is it

really true?

“Try to kill Roselynne and see.” Maelynne advised.

“Oh, Maelynne-”

“Save the gratitude, Drek, I didn’t do it, I just told you about it.

Now I’ve got a cake to get out of the oven. You have a good day

and tell Jesse Keith that I love him too. Bye, now.”

Drek turned , “Rose!” he called

“I heard!” She joyfully announced, “Jesse alive!”

“But why did he call us and tell us that he only had five

minutes to live?” Drek wondered.

Rose snapped her fingers, “Unless he knew Derek was listening

to him, and he wanted to mak

“I’ll be right there.” Derek said

Jesse was quietly walking across the room toward Derek,

ignoring the bloody corpse on the bed he kicked Derek in the

butt with the steel-toe of his boot. Derek went flying forward,

his rear-end felt like it was splitting in half. He landed on the

bed. Gasping in pain, he rolled over to see who the intruder

was. Derek’s eyes widened. “Jesse?”

Jesse walked forward. “I told you that somewhere, someday,

somebody would make you pay for your evil deeds.” Jesse

smiled. “Guess I get to be that someone, and that someday is

today.” He cocked his head to the side, “I’m suppose to ask, do

you have any last words?”

“Jesse Keith Comlin Someday-”

Jesse grabbed Derek’s shirt collar and hulled him up to his

height. “That’s already been done, talking time is over.” Jesse

punched Derek in the face.

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