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   Chapter 34

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4308

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

that you have heartlessly afflicted on countless numbers of


Derek stared at Jesse, anger filled his expression at Jesse’s

strong, calm words.

“You will be terminated without delay.” he spat.

Jesse nodded, “As you wish, but one day-someone, somewherewill

see to it, that you pay for your evil deeds.”

“Yes, yes. So you said.” Derek sneered. “Shut up now, your

time for talking has ended, prepare for you death. I will give you

five minutes while I make preparations.” Derek left the room,

locking Jesse in.

Jesse pulled out his comm. and keyed for his father.

“Jesse, how are you son?” Drek’s voice asked.

“Fine, dad I’m being prepared for execution.”

“Jesse Keith.” His mother’s startled voice gasped. “Please don’t


“Mom.” Jesse’s voice was quiet, “I’m not teasing. I have only five

minutes left to live. Please don’t be sad for me when I’m gone.

I’ve had a good life, and I love both of you with all my heart.”

His voice broke here, “Please tell Grandma Maelynne that I love

her. Please don’t be sad, if you must be then be sad for the bad

things I’ve done. For the people I’ve killed. This is my payment

and soon Derek King will suffer the same fate as I, for his deeds

are much worse then mine. Please n

ovement as the officer

moved closer to him, felt the pinch as the needle was injected

throw his skin to his vein.

“Officer, please one last request!” His eyes never opened, “Put

my corpse in Kings closet. Please promise me.”

“The closet? Oh well, I promise.” The syringe was finally empty,

the officer removed it, and left Jesse to die.

‘To the end, Jesse must have found favor in King’s eye to have

died such an easy death.’ Thought the officer as he left.


rek turned to look Rose. His eyes were filled with tears. He

knew if anything ever happened to JK it would be hard, but he

never expected the deep and stabbing pain he now felt. “He’s

gone.” His broken voice said.

Rose wrapped her arms around him and buried her head in his

chest, crying.

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