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   Chapter 33

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4130

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

“Of course.” Dem raised his head, his posture and expression

mirrored his grandson’s.

“Good. We’ll be ready for you in five minutes.” Jesse said.

Dem walked through Ghost of Mi“cio halls following Jesse

whom was leading him to a conference room. Ghost looked

similar to the original Mi“cio, though there were some

differences, Dem noted. Finally Jesse stopped by a door and

gestured him in, seated at the table it was time for Dem to

begin. “Jesse.”

“Call me Captain.” Jesse interrupted.

Dem nodded it was Jesse’s ship, so he got the privilege of

making the rules. “Captain .” he corrected “I have a proposal for


Jesse jerked backwards, “What? You’re an old ma! Besides I’m

not into guys in that way.” A horrified Jesse cut in.

“What?” Dem was confused but only for a half of second, “No!

No not a proposal of marriage but more of a business-uh- lets

call it a proposition.”

“Oh okay.” Jesse relaxed his stance, “And what proposition are

you referring to?”

Dem lowered his voice and leaned forwards, as if afraid the

walls would overhear. “Are you aware of what Derek is using

you to do?”

“Yes,” Jesse answered, “We are working together to improve the

galaxy, m

Derek’s cool words echoed in the

silent room.

“Yes Sir.” Jesse said, he knew what was coming he himself had

issued the order many times.


Jesse gazed at Derek, his expression was serene and peaceful.

“You are to be terminated for attempted treason. You will not

deny it, will you?”

“I do not deny that I verbally stated treason in front of your

witness.” Jesse calmly stated.

Derek smiled then stood, “It was wise that you didn’t deny it. I

had you recorded.” he laid his ice pack on the bed. “It is a

shame. You were the best man I had. Too bad. Well, have you

any last words Jesse?”

Jesse’s serene expression did not crack or show even a hint of

fear. “Yes, I have a wish for you.” His words were strong,

spoken boldly, “I wish that you will receive the same treatment

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