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   Chapter 32

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4590

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Jesse, meanwhile, was subtly setting Mi“cio up to lose the

battle. By the time Derek would return, the control room would

be in such a mess he would have no chance of straightening it

out on time. After supper, Derek went to bed for the night.

Jesse was still in charge. This gave him more time then he

could have hoped for. Oh, yes. He could definitely have things

screwed up before morning. Jesse was going to the restroom

when he got a comm. call from his father. Leaning down, he

fumbled around his feet searching for the comm. clipped to his

pants. Ah , he found it. “Yeah dad?”

“I just wanted to see how you are son.” His fathers voice


“Oh, I’m feeling great. I’m jut in the middle of relieving myself.”

Jesse said.

“What? Oh! JK! There are sometimes when it is inappropriate to

answer your comm., and I would say that this definitely

classifies as one of those times.” His father said

“Yeah, well, you got me now, so what do you want?” Jesse

asked trying to pull up his pants with one hand. He used his

foot to flush the toilet

“Uh… never mind son, Just…umm…be good. Remember your

training. Bye.” Drek said.

“Bye Dad.” Laughing Jesse returned his comm. to his belt.

Roselynne pursed her lips, a frown creased her forehead. So

much for that. Drek had gone on a fishing expedition and h

r and blast your ship to


“No.” The man said “This is Captain Demetri of Mi“cio, and we

shall live on forever.” Ghost of Mi“cio went dead silent, no one

said a word. Dem laughed, “Yes, so you’ve have heard of me.”

“Yes,” Jesse answered, “Your the evil man who threatened to

destroy Mi“cio.”

“Not like your Father.” Dem argued.

“No, you tried doing so by killing person by person.” Jesse


“I did not come here to start a war Jesse.”

“No. We’ve all ready got one. So what do you want?” Jesse


“To talk with you.”

“So talk.” Jesse said.

“Alone, come aboard Mi“cio.” Dem offered.

“No I don’t trust you.”

“I suppose I deserve that.” Dem muttered.

“Come aboard Ghost of Mi“cio. You owe me many answers.”

Dem’s shoulders seemed to sag, “Very well.”

“Are you strong enough to space walk, old man?” Jesse asked,

his voice only slightly rude.

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