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   Chapter 31

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4711

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“Sir! An attack!”

King turned to Jesse, “This was a trick.”

“No, Sir!” Jesse protested, “I knew nothing of this scheme, nor

did I plan it.”

King gazed at him, his unusual eyes burning him, “I pray for

your sake what you say is true.” Turning swiftly he began to

issue orders.

Jesse focused on the attack. Had his parents purpose been to

give them Mi“cio so they could find and destroy it? He had no

idea what kind of security they had on the ship. A tracking

device? No matter how they did it, Jesse was certain that it was

his parents plan, for sitting there, in the middle of the battle,

sat his mother’s ship, Roselynne’s Plan. And that was a ship

she brought out at very special times. That was her battle ship,

the ship that carried her through, and fought through wars,

and here he was on his dad’s ship waging a war with the

people had grown up with. Something seemed wrong with that.

King turned, his ice gaze was steady on Jesse.

“Mi“cio is a nice effort to this little battle.” he said.

Jesse nodded, “I’m glad Dad let me have it.”

“Oh, whether he had given you permission or not I would have

taken it.” King said.

“Excuse me?”

King smiled, “You don’t think I would design such a wonderful

ship without including some backdoor for myself. Honestly

Jesse!” He looked out the view port at the battle that ensued.

“Your pare

He started to laugh at her

appearance. “Is that make-up? Why ever would you wear that?

Make-up is for women with potential to look good.” He

continued to laugh.

Jaimie nodded. She was used to Derek by now. “If I thought I

didn’t have potential I wouldn’t have put it on.” She countered


It was a private dinner for only the two of them. All the food

was on the table when she had arrived. Watching Derek relax

and eat, one would never suppose that his ship was engaged in

a battle. “Jaimie, I’ve decided that we are to be married

tomorrow.” Derek suddenly announced. “You shall no longer be

my mistress, but instead my wife.” Jaimie looked up in

surprise. So she was to go from bed- partner to wife. A step up.

No matter how badly Derek treated her, no matter how much

he enjoyed watching her suffer, she couldn’t leave him. She was

addicted to him. It was a terrible position to be in.

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