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   Chapter 30

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 5283

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“I want to use Ghost of Mi“cio, Dad. We’re just beginning

Derek’s tour. And I thought it would be useful to have that

ship.” My mother stood and left the room. My dad also stood

but he didn’t leave. “How ‘bout it, Dad? Nobody’s been using it.

It just sits there in storage. Besides, we’d be careful with her.

After all, Derek did make her for you.” Dad cleared his throat. “I

don’t know, JK. She might get damaged.”

“A few battle scars would do her good.” I cut in. “All she does is

sit around. I don’t understand why you treat such a

magnificent ship like glass. She’s not going to break, Dad.

Please. We’ll take good care of her.”

The father studied his son. “You better take great care of her. “

Jesse smiled, “Yeah, Dad. I’ll take great care of her.”

“You’re going to give her to him?” Jesse looked up to see his

mother standing in the doorway. Her hands were on her hips, a

disapproving look on her face.

“Yes, if that’s alright dear.” Jesse’s dad said.

His mother turned. “Jesse, go wait in the kitchen while your

father and I discuss this.”

Jesse obediently stood and went to the kitchen. He rummaged

around for a snack. He was half-way through his snack when

his parents entered. “So what’s going on?” he asked taking

another bite. His dad grabbed a handful of cookies and sat


“You’re part of this family, Jesse. You have just as much right

to that ship as your father and I. But Jesse, please reconsider.

Not just about the ship but about everything. You’re barely

sixteen, that is very yo


Derek squeezed her shoulder. “He’s our son. Think of it this

way Rose, it might be good to have a fella on the inside. Maybe

help us take Derek down.”

“Yeah.” Rose agreed, “If he comes to his senses first.”

Later that evening a man approached Drek, “Sir. We’ve

intercepted messages that say the Mi“cio is heading for Kilasco.

By our calculations it will arrive by night-fall tomorrow.”

“Kilasco is not far from us.” Rose declared. “We’ll get there first

and launch the attack before they hit the planet. Thank you

Officer. Come on Drek.” Rose headed out the door. Mi“cio or

not, son or not, King must be stopped. Rose sighed. At all costs.

Roselynne’s Plan along with 14 other ships wait just sat outside

Kilasco. Ghost of Mi“cio would come out of hyperspace and

before they knew what had hit them they would be engaged in

an attack that would start a war.

“Heads up Rose!” Drek said.

Rose looked up. There she was in all her glory, Ghost of Mi’cio.

Rose shook herself, they had business to do.

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