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   Chapter 29

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4659

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Woman. I want coffee in my room. Now.” Turning he stomped

from the room. His wife began to prepare the coffee, being

especially careful to get the cream and sugar measurements

perfect. The little girl knelt down by her older brother. “Oh

Derek.” Her trembling voice whispered. She was crying as she

rubbed his hair with her little sunburned hand. “You shouldn’t

have taken my punishment. That’s not fair.” The boy wiped

some blood from his arm. “It’s fair. It’s not right to hit a girl.”

His younger brother stepped forward. “We’ll help you to your

room. You’ll have till morning to recover.” Derek managed a

slight smile to put his sister at ease. “I know.” He winced in

pain as his brother and sister helped him to his bed. That

night, as Derek lay in bed, he made a vow to himself. Never

again would he cry while being punished. He must be a man.

And a man doesn’t cry. No matter how bad it hurts. Derek got a

chance to prove his loyalty to that promise the next evening

when his father arrived home. In a drunken rage he again

whipped his misbehaving son. Derek shed not one tear while

his mother and siblings hovered behind the door waiting there


When Derek was about fifteen he left his childhood home and

joined the military. By the time he was seventeen his planet

was at war with a near-by planet. Derek had rapidly

impatiently for him to finish. Thankfully, Mom told him that I’d

arrived and he cut his shower short. I stood as he walked into

the room. “J.K.” he smiled. “Its great that you finally came to

see your old folks. How are you, son?” He sat down. I returned

to my seat. “Fine. And you and Mom?” He laughed. “Oh, we’re

surviving one day at a time. So what’s up? What’s on your

mind?” I smiled, “Well, I need something, Dad.” Mom walked

into the room. “What is it, Jesse? Are you in trouble?” she

worried. “No, I’m fine , Mom.” I quickly assured her. “I’m doing

very good. In fact, I have to ask you guys a question to increase


“Progress? Is this official business then?” My dad asked.

“No. Not really official. I’m just trying to help my master. He

knows nothing of my meeting with you.” My mother shifted.

She never did approve of my loyalty to Derek. “What is it?” she


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