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   Chapter 28

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4819

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Due to safety precautions, the monumental boot was moved

into a museum. Dem’s secret remained a secret for two more

years before it was discovered by Jesse. It seems that

sometimes, just when you think you know your family so well,

something happiness that shows you don’t know them as well

as you thought. The rest of Mi“cio never found out the true

circumstances behind all those deaths that year. They were

left in the dark. You see, life doesn’t always have happy

endings, it often has darkness. But the dawns always makes

your journey through the darkness worth it. Thank you for

showing an interest in our base, Mi“cio. I bid you goodbye,

and may peace be with all of you.

Part Four: The Ghost Of Mi“cio

Often it has been said that power corrupts. Does it really? Or

could it be that the person was already corrupt and the gain to

power merely highlighted that corruption? Perhaps it is the

leaders that corrupt power. Corrupt leaders also corrupt

citizens. In there climb to success, they harm-yes, even

murder- innocents. What makes a person so corrupted? I have

an example. This individual’s past connected with my future. I

blindly and rather foolishly worshipped this person. Literally

placing him above all else. In my eyes I was loyal. In the

galaxies eyes I was an oppressor. In my employer’s eyes, I was

invaluable. How do you corrupt a person…

The ten-ye

red the potatoes?” he demanded. I whimper escaped

the little girls lips. “I did, Sir.” Derek said stepping forward. A

fist thrust and caught the child’s nose, breaking it. “Woman,

bring me my chain.” His father growled. Knowing better then to

disobey, his wife quickly brought it to him. As she turned to

walk away she was hit from behind with the chain. “When I ask

for something you don’t wait for a written invitation, you obey

immediately.” Her husband reprimanded her roughly. “Yes,

Sir.” She whispered, her backside was numb from the hard

impact. She would feel it later. Gathering her two remaining

children, they hovered behind the door, watching as Derek

received his punishment. Tears welled in Derek’s eyes as his

father repeatedly beat him with the chain. After six minutes the

father stepped back. “Get up, boy. And stop crying like a sissy.”

He spit out, regarding the boy with hatred. “Get rid of this food,

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