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   Chapter 27

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4876

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

He an James spent the next half-hour quietly transporting

everybody to the docking bay. They told nobody why, they

answered no questions. During the entire time, Drek saw the

mouse only twice. Once in Dr. Shurfin’s lab and once in the

cafeteria. So far, it appeared that the mouse knew nothing of

the plan. The mouse had to expect something though. Drek

idly wondered what was taking Dem so long. Why hadn’t he

killed Drek by now? Regardless, Drek took advantage of his

time left. Dr. Shurfin stopped him in the hall.

“Drek, what is going on here?” he quietly demanded.

Drek pursed his lips, scanned the hallway then handed the

Doctor an already prepared piece of paper with the


The Doctor read it quietly to himself. “To save them, you’ll kill


Drek nodded, keeping a sharp look-out for Dem the Mouse.


“I have to. It’s the only way.” Drek murmured.

“No. There is one other.” The doctor insisted.


“Use my clone for your role in this plan.”

“He could do it?”

“I know he could.”

“Get him.” Drek ordered.

They had arrived at Dirb Sixteen. The ship was waiting as

expected. James began to move all of Mi“cio’s people over to

the rescue ship. They had four of the crew keeping look-out

for the mouse. They never saw it.

“Webb,” Drek said, they were now in the control room, “I need

you to crash this base into the sun.” He pointed out th

such the mess?”

“I know. I can’t explain it. Part of my mousie instincts. That’s

the only way I can kill quickly without pain.”

“Without pain? They were in pieces!” Drek shouted.

“Shh… They didn’t feel a thing, trust me. I got them all. Mi“cio

is now disease free.”

“What am I suppose to tell Roselynne? She’ll ask you know.”

“Yes, she will. Tell her that you caught the killer and he was

put to death in exchange for the others lives.” Dem suggested.


“And Drek, don’t tell my secret.”

“Who would believe me? I’m not even sure if I believe it.”

“Good boy. Drek, you“ve seen this Webb clone of Shurfin’s?”


“You and Rose approve?”

“Not exactly, but it’s already been done and we’ve decided to

let him stay. Clone or not.”

“I see. Well, excuse me. I shall be going to see my grandson.”

“Dem. Don’t you or your mouse friend do a thing to harm the

clone, Webb.” Drek warned.

“Alright Drek. We promise.”

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