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   Chapter 25

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 3629

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Roselynne lay in the bed, her stomach contracting every few

minutes. Dr. Shurfin said it wouldn’t be long now. She laid

her hand on her stomach. A motion on the floor caught her

attention. The strange little mouse was sitting there, watching

her. It reminded her of Drek’s question, since when did Mi“cio

have problems with mice? Now that she could see it better,

she saw that it was slightly bigger then regular mouse size. It

was dark brown with black glittery eyes. Its tail was a foot in

length and was wrinkled badly, it did have several jagged

spikes on its tail. It just sat there, not moving, watching her.

‘Oh,’ She thought, ‘I should give mom and dad a call, let them

know its time.’ She grabbed her comm. off the nightstand.


A few moments of static, then “Roselynne.”

“Hi mom, id dad around?”

“Not at the moment. What’s up?” Maelynne asked.

“The baby will soon be born. I wanted to let you guys know,”

“Oh, Roselynne. Thank you. I’ll let your father know when he

gets back.” Her mom promised,

“OK, I have to go. Lo

stand us and


“That’s crazy!” Rose said.

“I agree. But he said to try it so I guess I will.”


‘This is crazy! Catching a mouse when I should be catching a

killer.’ Drek had been searching Mi“cio for six hours and he

still hadn’t found the mouse. “Come on mouse! Why can’t you

just come to me!” Drek cried out in frustration. He shook his

head then jumped. The mouse was sitting on his boot. “How

long have you been there?”

“You called me, did you not?” The mouse asked.

“Yes. You can talk.” He snapped his fingers, “I knew it! Your

one of Shurfin’s creations.”



“No. I am my own creation.” The mouse said.

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