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   Chapter 23

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4406

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

“Captain, its happened again. This time with a small boy on

deck three.”

Roselynne sighed, “Go on.”

“Also, the boys grandfather is missing. What ever this thing

is…it also shredded the child“s blanket.

“Any witnesses?” She asked.

“No, a new mother found the mess.”

“What kind of creature would destroy children?” she asked.

“We don’t know ma’am.” He answered.

“Thank you for informing me, please just…take care of it.” She

said, with tear filled eyes she walked away. She had to find


“Honey! Are you OK? What’s happened?” Drek said. He had

found his wife stumbling down the hall, crying.

“Oh, Drek. Its terrible. A murderer is on board, killing officer’s

and children alike. And we have a man missing. Some things

going on in this base and I just don’t know what.” She cried

leaning her head on him as he held her as close as he could.

“Shh…” he murmured. His mind was filled with new worries.

Who knew where, when, and whom this killer would strike

next. Holding her tightly, he saw a familiar figure walk out of a

room. A figure he hadn’t seen since… “Webb?” he said in

confusion. The man looked up, smiled and started towards


“Drek! How’ve you been, buddy? Webb asked. Then catching

sight of Rose’s enlarged stomach he laughed.

shyly. “Listen, I’m

sorry for all the trouble I’ve caused-“

“No, no. Its fine, Doc. Fine. “ Drek assured him.

“Doctor, this clone of yours, is it anything like the real Webb?”

Rose asked.

“Oh my, yes. Exact replica.” He told her.

“Completely exact?” Drek questioned.

“Well, concerning Webb, he is completely exact. Up to five

minutes before his death.” Dr. Shurfin said.

“You said concerning Webb, is there somebody else in this

clone of yours?” Rose asked.

“Well…” he didn’t answer.

“Doc.” Drek prompted.

“There is a little something-“ he paused.

“What?” Drek asked.

“I was able to eliminate most of it but there is a little of James

in him.” Dr. Shurfin said.

“James? Why? How did that happen?” Rose asked.

“Well he came in and touched some vital objects. Never mind

though, Webb is completely there.” Dr. Shurfin smiled.

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