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   Chapter 20

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 3347

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Part Three: Enemy Of Mi“cio

Thinking back on my life, I don’t regret anything. True, not all

have been good times, but it is surviving those trials that have

led me to the good times. The old saying is true, darkness

before the dawn. I have endured much darkness and have

seen many dawns. Though, there were some times, when it felt

as if I were just stumbling around in the dark, getting

nowhere. It always brought me peace of mind during such

times to know that I would always have my husbands love and

support. There were many occasions where our future’s

seemed uncertain. Yes, Mi“cio had more then its share of

troubles. So many, that some believed the old base was

cursed. Cursed. Mi“cio was still the symbol of hope, and we

didn’t worry about enemies. Still, Mi“cio was never out in the

open at any time. That was just asking for trouble. Most loved

the old base and all it stood for. No one ever expected an

enemy to arise. Especially aboard the ba

and sitting in Roselynne’s room. “Fine, Drek.” He said,

his voice sounding tired and old. “What ever you guys want.”

Drek smiled, “That’s great. Thanks, Dem. Oh, we have to go.

Its dinner time. Bye Maelynne, Dem.”

Then he was gone.

“Bet your glad we waited until the end to tell them.” Drek said

turning to his very pregnant wife.

“Yeah. But dad doesn’t mean bad, he just loves to take control

and plus I think he misses me.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Drek said.

“Oh come on. Let’s get dinner. I’m famished.” Rose


Drek laughed, “You always are!” he shut the door behind

them. “Old man doesn’t want the baby to be born on Mi“cio?”

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