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   Chapter 17

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4364

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

She sighed. “How do we fix it?”

“I don’t know if it will fix it, but we need to get in and steer the

base out away from the moons rotation. Somewhere far from

here.” Drek said.

Dem didn’t tell them that nothing could help Webb now. He

bit his lip and kept silent.

Roselynne nodded. “OK, Let’s go.” Drek and Rose left the

prison. “Do you have any idea how to fly this thing?” she

whispered as they quickly made there way back up to the

control room.

“I have a vague idea. Flying wasn’t part of my job. Sorry.” He

gave a small smile in apology.

“Option one: Have a madman lock you up in prison. Option

two: have a friend crash the entire base into a moon. “ she

murmured, half to herself. “Mmm... tough choice.”

He stopped, hidden by the corner. “Hey,” he whispered, “I

have a vague idea. It won’t be that bad. Don’t worry about the

flying part, Rose. It doesn’t help us. Let me take care of the

flying. You come up with a plan to distract the three on the

floor in front of the control room door so I can get in unseen.

OK?” they peered around the corner. All three were still there.

She nodded, “Yeah. Hey. Where’s Will?”

“Oh. He’s keeping a low profile by the control room. Webb isn’t

suppose to see him ‘cause he’s suppose to be in prison

bb’s brow furrowed as he took another bite. “The officer I

sent to investigate never did return or report back. Donnigan,

go find out what happened to him and find out what’s with

the bread trail.”

“Yes sir.” The man turned to leave.

“Oh, and Donnigan, remember to report back.” Webb

reminded him.

“Yes sir.” The man left.

One down.

Roselynne glanced up just in time to see Will sneak off to

follow Donnigan. She quickly turned back. Webb hadn’t

noticed. “Webb, why don’t you let me try to free your foot?”

she turned to the last remaining officer. “Could you get me all

the chemicals you can find?”

The officer turned to Webb for approval, receiving a nod he


“Webb, how exactly did this happen?”

“Well, I was just-“ his speech was a bit slurred, he was

probably getting a little dizzy about now. He wouldn’t last

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