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   Chapter 16

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4226

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bread ball swirl, he knelt and picked one up. The other

prisoners had their heads turned so they could watch him. He

heard a faint click from behind him. He whirled around.

“Drek! What are you doing?” He was surprised.

Drek ignored the question, and posed one of this own, “Do you

think Captain Webb’s been acting funny?”

“Well, yeah. He looks funny, too.”

Drek turned to the other prisoners. “Do you all agree that

Webb’s been acting oddly?” he asked.

“Yes!” Everybody answered without a thought.

Drek turned back to the lone man in the cell. “You said he

looked funny. What did you mean?” he questioned.

“Well,” the caged man considered, “His skin is yellow, all over

his body. Face, hands, arms. I think he’s ill. He just keeps

getting edgier and edgier.” The man shook his head, “I don’t

know, he’s just not the same.”

The man’s description of Webb reminded Dem of something.

But he couldn’t quite place it…

“I agree.” Drek said. There was some murmuring as the other

prisoners expressed there agreement.

“We’re going to try to remove him from his position as

Captain. Are you with us or against us?” Drek asked simply.

The man was silent for awhile thinking. “I’m not with you.” He

finally said

may sound crazy and impossible.”

“Are you telling me that you guys believe this nonsense?” She

couldn’t believe that her level-headed parent’s were buying

such a lie.

“The galaxy is full of mysteries, Roselynne. We couldn’t solve

them all even if we had forever.” Her father answered

indirectly. “Moon Madness.” He said softly.

Roselynne stared at the wall, “The moon.” She whispered,

thinking. Could it possibly be, that all those horror stories

that she thought of as lies were really true? She’d once heard

that when people don’t like parts of history, they change it

into stories. Could this be one of those stories, that is actually

history? What other option was there? The moon must have

done something to Webb. But what? And why didn’t it affect

anyone else? Something in his body chemistry?

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