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   Chapter 13

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4047

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“Umm… “ she followed as he led her into the hallway, “I

suppose. Webb, why is part of your face turning yellow?” she

wondered aloud.

“Is it?” he raised the hand that wasn’t around her shoulder to

touch his cheek. “Must be time to switch compacts.” He


Roselynne laughed, “I didn’t know you used make-up

products, Captain.”

Webb led her to a table where a few of his officer’s were

gathered enjoying there meals. The room was empty except for

the people at this table.

“Have you been having problems with all of your men?” she

asked after they had obtained their plates of food.

“No, just most of them.” He informed her taking a bite. He

gestured to the men sitting at the table, “These are a few of my

faithful men.”

“What really is the cause of the yellow discoloring on your

face, Webb?” she took a bite.

“Oh, I don’t know beloved. Maybe it’s the air.” He took a sip

from his cup.

“Do I have that discoloring on my face too?”

“No, your face is perfect, angel.” He assured her.

Roselynne laughed, “You better no let my father hear you

saying that,” she teasingly warned. “Where is my mother and

father?” she wondered, “I haven’t seen


something wrong with Webb and his gang of justice dealers.”

Her father warned. “Beware of them.”

“Is there anyway I can get you guys out of here?” she


“No. Webb has the only security card that has access to all the

prison doors.” One of Webb’s jailed officers informed her.

“Is there anything else I should know?” she whispered.

There was silence as each of the prisoners considered.

“There is a spare blaster in my room,” her father whispered,

“keep it with you always, and don’t hesitate to use it, Rose.”

She nodded.

“Nothing else we can think of.” A man answered from her left.

She nodded again and turned to leave.

“Wait.” Her mothers soft voice stopped her, “Be careful,

Roselynne. Please.”

“I will.” She promised, and then she was gone.

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