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   Chapter 12

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4317

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Roselynne sat at a table in the cafeteria. Webb walked over.

He watched her play with a strand of her hair. “Roselynne.”

She looked up.

“You don’t seem very happy.” He sat down.

“I’m happy when I’m around mom and dad.” She said.

Webb laughed softly. “Rose, I don’t think they’re fooled. So

what’s up, princess?”

She sighed, “Life.”

“And what’s wrong with it? Most people kind of enjoy it.”

“I have to grow up. Mom and Dad are ready and willing for

that to happen. That’s what this vacation is all about. They

think I’ll leave and never want to see them again. But I don’t

want to. I want to be there daughter forever.” She explained.

“Rose, you’ll always be their daughter no matter how old you


“I feel like they’re kicking me out. Like they don’t want me


“Roselynne. Your folks love you very much and believe me, the

last thing they want is to kick you out. While your wasting

your time worrying, your missing out on some really great

stuff. Growing up isn’t all bad. Sure, it’s the end of one stage

and the beginning of another.”

“I guess.”

He patted her arm. “Stop worrying, and think about what I

said. You’ll feel better soon.” He stood and walked away. “I

hope.” He murmured to himself.


look scared to death.” He came toward her.

“What was that in the hall with the men and the blaster?” she

asked shyly.

“Oh, nothing to be frightened by, treasure. Just a little

problem I’ve been having with my personnel.” He explained

with a charming smile.

“Was somebody killed?” She asked, still half hiding behind her


“Two somebody’s actually. Don’t be alarmed, pet. I have it all

taken care of.” He assured her in a gentle manner, slowly

pushing her door open further.

“What is the little problem?” she ventured to ask.

Webb chuckled, “Always so curious, just like your mother.

Nothing to worry your pretty brain over, dearest.”

“Alright.” She unhappily accepted his answer.

“Now,” he stepped forward and wrapped his arm around her

shoulder, “You simply must have dinner with me.” He smiled

down at her.

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