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   Chapter 10

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4545

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

Dem and Maelynne where married, of course. Dem resigned

his position, giving it to his commanding officer. After Captain

Webb’s death, I took over as Captain of Mi“cio. Due to the

Queen’s promise to Captain Dem, Mi“cio’s needs have been

generously provided for. Mi“cio still exists to this day. Not as a

symbol of fear as in the past. But as a symbol of hope. Hope

for the impossible.

Part Two: Madness Of Mi“cio

Many times in one’s life, they will worry about something. Only

too late do they realize that they’ve wasted their time worrying

over the wrong things. While they spend there time worrying,

what really matters, what really deserves their worry slips right

in, unnoticed and destroys. By the time they awake and notice,

the damage is done. Perhaps costing the lives of people they


You’ve heard how Mi“cio was saved and Maelynne and Dem

were married. But that didn’t guarantee blissful unmarred

happiness. The story I shall tell you now, is what happened

when I was a teenager. Just coming of age, during a family

vacation aboard Mi“cio. This vacation affected my life for years

to come…

Dem walked into the living room of his house. “Maelynne?

Honey! I have some news.”

Maelynne walked in, “Gelinok didn’t declare war, did it?” her

forehead creased in worry.


onderful idea.”

Maelynne assured both of them with a smile. “When?”

“Well, school ends in four days, so we can leave in five. I have

it all arranged. Mi“cio will pick us up at five A.M. on the fifth


Roselynne turned to Maelynne, “Mom?” she asked.

“It sounds wonderful. I haven’t been on Mi“cio in years.” She


“Good, “ Dem beamed. “Then its all settled. I’m going to call

Webb and confirm the plans.” He walked out.

“So what’s wrong?” Maelynne asked, knowing her daughter’s

face well.

“Nothing, Mom. It’s a great idea. A last family vacation. We’ll

have a blast. “ Neither her voice nor face was convincing.

“Alright.” Maelynne straightened a hanging picture. “We’ll

have fun. Its too bad we’ll be leaving you at home.”

“What?!” Roselynne was horrified.

“Well nobody wants a grouch as a daughter on the last family

vacation.” Maelynne turned.

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