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   Chapter 8

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4357

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

The firing continued, from only one ship. The other three were

focusing on the planet. ‘They were some special ships!’ Dem


“Sir, they’re trying to jam our transmissions.”

“Well, don’t let them.” Captain Dem commanded. “These guys

are powerful and good.” The ship was slowly moving closer to

Mi“cio. Mi“cio carefully avoided the laser bolts meant for it.

The ship released more. This time a few of the bolts splattered

off the deflector shield. Mi“cio moved to the side and opened

fire. “Got his shields.” Somebody announced. The view-port

flickered with reflected light as the targeted ship shattered

into debris and fire. “He’s gone, move forward. Target.” Dem

ordered. The deadly game continued.

Two ships moved away from the planet, veering for Mi“cio.

Dem smiled tightly, “They’re getting concerned. Let’s make

them really worry, shall we? Drig, half speed, move forward

and left slowly.” Mi“cio started slowly moving forward turning

left as it moved. A ship was on each side of Mi“cio. The one

moving long the side, another coming up from the starboard

side. Mi“cio continued slowly, the other ships were still moving

quickly. “Full-speed Ahead!” Captain Dem ordered. Mi“cio shot

forward, out of danger. The other two ships tried

ng you your clearance to leave right now.”

She smiled.

“Thank you. You mean they didn’t have a problem in letting

your kidnappers go free?” he asked.

“No, I’m not saying that. I’m just saying that at the current

moment I out-vote them.”

“Ah.” He frowned, “Does that mean your going to get in


“Probably,” she agreed, “But don’t worry about that. Get back

to Mi“cio and prepare to leave. Thank you, Captain Demetri.”

“For kidnapping you and causing you trouble? Yeah I deserve

all you gratitude.” He growled sarcastically.

“No,” she said, raising her finger to his face she tried to push

the corner of his mouth out of its frown, “For returning me

safely and for helping me with that attack.”

“Sure, but don’t forget, you bribed me for that performance.”

He smiled at her.

She laughed, “Yes, I remember Captain.”

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