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   Chapter 7

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4212

Updated: 2017-12-20 12:02

“Yes, we are traveling now.” He moved back to the door, “If

you want seconds use the intercom.” Then he was gone.

They were bearing down on her planet when his com

pinged, “Captain Dem, report to the command room. We may

have a problem.”

Dem walked in, “What is it?”

“This. I’m not sure but it-well, what do you think Capt.?”

The planet through the viewing port was surrounded by five

ships of some kind. They did nothing, just sat there in an odd

formation. “Are there any transmissions coming from the


“No Sir. Complete silence.” The room was silent for a few brief

moments, “What do you think?”

Dem turned to his commanding officer, “I think you should go

get Queen Maelynne and bring her up here. We’ll see what she

thinks about this.”

The commanding officer went to where the Queen was being

held. She was sitting on her bed eating when he entered.

“Your highness, Captain Dem has requested your presence in

the command room. If you would please follow me.”

She got up, “What is it?”

“Captain Dem will show you.” They went the short distance to

the command room.

Captain Dem was standing at the view-port. He turned

when they entered. “Queen Maelynne. I asked you to come for

into his comm. “Weapons ready?” He

received as a affirmative.. “Alright. Open fire at will.”

They had the shields of one ship destroyed before the ship

even noticed its enemy from the rear. It was pretty easy after

the shields were gone.

Like the Captain had predicted: Four to One.

Still not that great. Since the ships lost that one they became

aware of there new enemy. Mi“cio had lost the element of

surprise, but for some reason, Queen Maelynne wasn’t all that

worried. Call it crazy but she was betting on Captain Dem and

Mi“cio. It must be his confident attitude rubbing off on her. A

pair of brilliant red laser bolts sliced through space above

them. She cringed. It missed.

“Deflectors!” Captain Dem ordered. ‘Oh yes,’ he thought, ‘they

had spotted them alright.’

“On!” a voice confirmed.

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