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   Chapter 3

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 5103

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Four Hours Passed

The Captain went into the control room to issue orders.

The engines were started, the base preparing to travel. In

another area of Mi“cio, hostage quarters were readied for the

kidnapping of the Queen.

“Status?” The Captain asked softly.

“If the radio and research is correct, then we have enough fuel

to get to the Queen and away without any trouble.” His

commanding officer reported.

Another officer spoke up, “What if we need fuel for a battle?”

The room became very quiet as all listened for the Captains

response. “We are going to avoid that, remember?” The

question was rhetorical. A few heads nodded as all attention

was turned back to the task at hand. Captain Dem pursed his

lips, wary about what they were about to do. He wished there

was another way. Wished it very badly-

Finally, it was time.

Captain Dem stood in the control room for the process.

Very quietly his people slipped past all the security systems,

guard animals, and security guards. It was no easy task, her

being a Queen and all. But it wasn’t impossible. His trained

people were well up to the challenge. They had the job

completed in under twenty minutes. Captain Dem was

impressed and proud of his people. They had done a fine job,

considering it was the only kidnapping mission they had ever

done. ‘It just goes to show what careful planning can

accomplish.’ Captain Dem thought as they flew away

unfollowed. With any success, nobody would discover the

missing Queen until morning. They had very carefully covered

there trail. There would be no trace of the Queen’s


As Captain Dem lay in his personal quarters that night, a

thought occurred to him. Perhaps, the fear the stories instilled

would work to there advantage. Mi“cio. A fearful name indeed.

Later that evening, Captain Dem went to see Queen

Maelynne. She was on the bed. When he entered she stood.

He bowed to her in respect, “Good day Queen Maelynne.” The

Queen nodded. She was of average height, lightly built. Still in

her nightclothes from the night before, her brown hair fell to

her waist. Her serious blue eyes studied him. She couldn’t

have been more then twenty-three. “My name is Captain

Demetri. I regret to inform you that we have no food or drink

to offer you during your stay.”

She spoke then, in the same caressing tones he remembered

from the radio. “What kind of kidnapping is this?” Sarcasm

edged her voice.

The question

surprised Captain Dem. “Excuse me?”

“Well, you obviously planned to kidnap me. Your plan worked

flawlessly. But you didn’t plan to care for me once you got

me? No food, or drink.” She reminded him, “Or did you just

forget to plan a shopping trip?”

Captain Dem nodded in understanding, “Ahh, well your

Highness, with all due respect, we did not plan to kidnap you

so we could starve you. We have no provisions, not even for

ourselves. And no money. We have almost no fuel. The only

way the hundreds of people aboard could survive-“

“Is to kidnap the me and demand a ransom, which you use to

buy the provisions you need.” She finished for him.

“Yes, exactly.”

“I must say, I am very impressed.”

Again her words surprised him. “Excuse me?” he repeated.

She smiled, “You would go to the extent of kidnapping the

Queen, just to obtain what you need to keep your people alive.

I admire that, Captain Demetri.”

“Thank you, Highness.”

Her smile faded slightly. “So, what is the plan now?”

He was quickly set back on course with this question. “They

will notice your absence, then they will of course carry out

investigations. Of which they will find nothing useful. Word of

course will circulate, causing people to fear. Then we release

the name of your kidnappers. Allow them to digest that for

and hour or so then we drop the ransom note.” He explained.

His stomach gurgled unhappily, he ignored it.

The Queen nodded, “Your correct about the procedure.” She

informed him. “Who are my kidnappers.”

He smiled sardonically, “The Mi“cio.”

Her expression broke, fear finally showing through. She

obviously had heard the stories too. “Oh.” Was all she

whispered as the reality of her situation sank in.

He turned to leave. ‘Good.’ He thought. ‘She needs a healthy

dose of fear. That Queen is too lion-hearted for her own good.’

“Wait.” Her voice stopped him.

He turned, amazed. She had recovered faster then he’d


“Why didn’t you-. Well, you could have…” she paused,

gathering her thoughts. “Why did you go to all the trouble of

kidnapping me to get the money, when you could have just

stolen it?”

Captain Dem smiled. “Ma’am, that would have been wrong.”

“Oh.” Was all she said again. He was out the door before the

thought occurred to her, ‘Stealing is wrong but kidnapping

isn’t?’ She shook her head. Eventually, she came to the

conclusion that they probably figured it was the lesser of the

two evils.

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