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   Chapter 2

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4558

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Fourteen Months Passed

Captain Dem lay in his personal quarters. He was alone,

his face wrinkled in distress. He sighed, racking his brains to

come up with a way, any way, to get Mi“cio and its crew out of

this mess. Hundreds of lives were relying on him. Without a

plan, those hundreds of lives would be cut off. Playmates,

friends, workmates, and enemies. All gone. It was a heavy

weight to bare.

It was a difficult thing now, to believe that this was just

a dry spell, that all would clear up soon. Because this time

was different. It wouldn’t clear up. Not without a plan. A plan

he didn’t have. He sighed again. They were broke. No money

at all. But it was worse then that. They had no provisions left.

His complaining stomach would attest to that. He knew they

were dangerously low, had known it for several days. He had

forewent his meals to enable somebody else to eat.

No provisions, no money to buy more, and they were

getting low on fuel. Soon, they would be stranded in cold, dark

space, penniless, left to starve to death. A dire situation

indeed. And every being aboard Mi“cio knew it. He had to find

a way! Blast it! Those were people he loved! He had to save


“If only I had known the financial problems of the Captain. I

had no idea such problems existed.” He murmured to himself.

But what could he have done if he had known? Nothing most

likely. Nobody aboard had any personal cash, and even if he

had, it wouldn’t have been nearly enough to save Mi“cio.

Plans. He needed a plan. Frustrated and depressed, he

switched on the radio.. The soothing melodies did nothing to

sooth him. Now. Annoyed, he was about to flick it off when a

voice on the radio caught his attention. It was distinctly

female. Queen Maelynne. Most royal person this galaxy had.

“I’ll bet she’s got plenty of food, fuel and money.” He muttered.

He shook his head. Through all of this, stealing had never

once considered as an option. Never. It was wrong. Period.

Now, as he lay listening to the caressing tones of the Queen’s

voice, a plan took root and began to grow. A plan to save


The next morning, plan completed, Captain Dem called

an emergency meeting

with all aboard the planet base. All sat

very quietly, waiting for the Captain to speak.

“Thank you all for coming,” he spoke softly. “As all of you are

undoubtedly aware, Mi“cio is in extreme danger. What you

have heard is true. We have no provisions, no money, and

little fuel. If left this way, we will all die in space alone within

very little time. I did not, however, summon you here to share

only the bad news. Rather, I found that I can offer you a ray of

hope. It is our only chance of surviving.” He paused to allow

this to sink in. All was silent.

“It is a fairly simple goal, the details are a bit more

complicated. We kidnap Queen Maelynne and demand a


This caused some murmuring. When it started to get loud,

Captain Dem cleared his throat, everyone quieted. “I bring this

case before you. You must consider both sides and decide how

you wish me to proceed. I would never make such a serious

action without first consulting with all of you. Take a few

hours to converse between yourselves. We will join together

again in two hours. Dismissed. May you all have peace.” He

bowed his head and went out to the command room to wait.

During the following two hours the base was very quiet. This

was due to the fact that all, excluding the Captain, were in the

assembly room, discussing and arguing the Captain’s

suggestion. It was a long two hours. Finally, they were over.

The Captain was called back and the meeting began again.

This time to announce the decided choice. “You have

decided?” the Captain asked.

His commanding officer stepped forward. “Yes, Sir!”

Captain Dem nodded, “Report.”

“We have reached the conclusion that we have no other option

if we are to survive. Dire times call for dire actions. However,

all have agreed that this is only to be done if nobody gets hurt

in the process.”

Captain Dem nodded, “Yes, may no one be injured. Very well.

We shall begin planning tonight.” He smiled, trying to

reassure them. A reassurance that he himself didn’t feel. “May

you all have peace.” He bowed his head to them, then watched

as the assembly faded away. He stood alone for sometime

pondering on the deed they were soon to do.

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