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   Chapter 1

Saga of Mi'cio- Four Short Adventures By LadyRosabella Characters: 4031

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Part One: The Big Heist

(Story Of Mi“cio)

The story began, not in a dusty western town as many original

stories claim. No, but in all actuality, it took place on a planet

base known as Mi“cio. Mi“cio was the largest base, with the

meanest, toughest scum in all the galaxy. Nobody ever spoke

of it, let alone think of it without shuddering. Planet base

Mi“cio, in all of its history (which went back well over

years) never was in a battle or war of any kind. Mi“cio kept

itself hidden very carefully from all parts of the galaxy. Moving

frequently, one was never sure where it might be at any given

time. So how is it that this planet base, whom has never been

involved in any questionable behavior, become an object of fear

to all living beings?

One word answer: unknown. In general, living beings

fear what they do not know. The unknown. Mi“cio was

classified as such. Nothing was really known of it, therefore it

was considered dangerous to the greatest degree. All the

stories they had concerning Mi“cio was indeed as titled: a

story. People, over time, invented such tales to keep the fear

in people strong. To prevent them from investigating. A very

dangerous task indeed.

You may wonder what all of this has to do with the story.

If you truly wish to know the story, then you must be patient

and allow me to tell it. First of all-well, let me take you back.

Place: Mi“cio

Time: Many years ago

The Captain of Mi“cio lay in his personal quarters. His

face was ghastly white, eyes closed, he lay very still. ‘Perhaps I

am too late.’ His commanding officer thought, stress and pain

colored his emotions.

“No, not yet, Dem.” White lips gasped.

‘Dem’ looked down to find the Captain gazing up at him,

making a very serious effort to smile. The words drained him

of his already limited supply of energy. “Captain, everything

has been done per your orders.” He reported. He pursed his

lips, “Sir, please,

nobody aboard wants you to die. Please

reconsider having the treatment. You have been with us-“

Captain was already shaking his head slowly. With great effort

he spoke, “No, Dem. My time…is now,” he gasped, “You have

been…a great crew. Please…ease,” he coughed, “your mind.”

“But sir, this needn’t happen! You can’t-“ Captain cut him off.

“Dem, don’t. I must. You will be… the new Captain…now…”

his voice faded away. His body made harsh jerking

movements. Then he fell back relaxed, his expression cleared,

his face peaceful.

“No. Please God no.” Dem whispered. Emotion was too strong

to allow him any volume. “No.” his eyes burned with tears

unshed. Tears that never would fall. Dignity and pride

demanded they didn’t. Tears may not fall, but that didn’t

excuse the deep pain he felt in his heart. It felt like a jagged

knife had been thrust into his heart and twisted. He felt sick

to his stomach. A throat cleared behind him. He didn’t move.


Dem closed his eyes for a moment, willing all emotion to

disappear. When he was in better control he turned. “Report.”

The man cleared his throat again, “Sir, members of the crew

are awaiting orders. No one is sure what they are to be doing.”

Dem took a few deep breathes before he answered. “Tell the

crew that all are released from duties for the rest of the day.

In respect and commemoration of the Captain’s death.” He

spoke in a low, clear voice.

Surprise registered on the other’s face. “Death, Sir?”

Dem nodded, “Yes, he dies 6 minutes ago. We will have a

dinner in his honor this evening. Dismissed. May you have

peace.” He bowed his head.

The man saluted, “Yes, sir.” He turned and went back to his


They had the dinner that evening, of course.

Every member of the crew was heartbroken over the

Captain’s passing.

Dem assumed position as the new


Everything went on quietly for a long time.

All were in a state of mourning.

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