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   Chapter 23

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 4772

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Allie laughed, "I“ll make it."

"I“m glad. I“m an awful cook." Alex said as he pulled up the

driveway. When he turned off the truck, he turned to face her.

"Allie, will you show me the card, please."

She nodded, "It“s in my room, under my mattress."

They went into the house. She got the card and handed it to him.

Alex opened the card and studied it for a full five minutes. Then

he went downstairs and made a phone call. When he hung up the

phone, he called up the stairs, "Allie will you come down here,

please? I want to show you something."

Allie hurried downstairs . "What is it?" She asked but Alex didn“t


"Allie, I love you more than the stars in the heavens, and I want

you for my wife. Will you marry me?"

Allie hesitated. Afraid that she might say no. Alex did the only

thing he could think of.

Before Allie could think of an reply to his unexpected words his

arms were around her. He swung her around and bent her

backwards, her head was resting on his arm. Then he kissed her.

Very softly at first, then it began to intensify so that she clung to

him to steady herself. Her world seems to be spinning. His mouth

continued to pursue hers, sending wild tremors along her nerves.

Before she knew what she was doing, she was kissing him back.

Alex kissed her like it was the last time he would ever see her,

finally when she was gasping Alex let his lips slid to her right ear.

"Say you“ll marry me." he whispered. His warm breath tickling

her ear.

"I“d hate myself if I didn“t." she said, and that statement rewarded

her another kiss, but on the cheek this time.

"Name the date." Alex said pulling back to look at her face.

"September 23rd." She decided quickly.

Alex chuckled, "That“s today, little princess."

"I know. Do you object?" she asked.

"No." Alex shook his head. "But I have to do something first, and

I“d like you to come with me."


Fifteen minutes later Alex pulled his truck to a stop in his

mother“s driveway. Hand and hand, Alex and Allie walked to the

front door.

Tadaka Conal had the door open before he could knock. "Alex!

How wonderful to see you." her gaze fell upon Allie. "And your

friend." She quickly added. "Come in, come in."

When they were seated Alex handed his mother a piece of paper

and a pen.


t“s this for?" she asked puzzled.

"I want you to write something for me." Alex said with a smile.

"What?" His mother asked with a wary look.

"A blessing. I want you to write your blessing for me and Allie to


Tadake Lefu Conal sat in shock for a full thirty seconds, "Why,

of course dear!" She carefully wrote down her blessing and

signed it with a flourish before handing it to Alex."Lets have

some pie to celebrate." his mother said.

Alex and Allie followed her into the kitchen, "Mom, I want to

show you something first."

Tadaka turned to see that he was holding a greeting card and her

blessing in his hands.

"Take a look." He invited, motioning Allie forward to look too.

"Alex" Allie gasped, "It““s..."

"Identical. My mother murdered your patents. Didn“t you?" he

asked looking down at his mother. "You probably killed her

parents with this knife." he said taking the pie cutting knife from

her hands.

"Alex, Alex" Her face was panicked. "Please listen to me, son!

Let me explain!"

Alex stared into his mothers face and finally saw her for what she

really was. A murderer. A lier."You shall have no control over me

any longer, woman." he whispered.

"Alex, dear, it was all a mistake. Please put down that knife. I can


"NO!" Alex roared. "Did you kill Allie“s parents?" He demanded.

"Yes!Yes! I hated her mother! I wanted to take away everything

she had! I should have been the one to marry Jeff Harbor, not her!

She never deserved him or anything he gave her!" his mother


Alex raised his hand to slap his mother but a calm, sweet voice

stopped him.

"Alex please don“t." Allie pleaded, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Alex stared at his mother“s face for a few brief seconds before he

threw the knife into the sink and lowered his hand. He stared

into her eyes. "I hate you." he spoke the words in a low fervent


That was when the local police came flooding into the house.

"Alex! You called the police? " Tadaka yelled at her son in anger.

Alex paused at the door, his arm around Allie“s waist, "I won“t

harbor a murderer, even if she is my own mother." Turning Alex

led Allie away from his mother house.

"When you dig another out of his troubles,

you find a place to bury you own."

-Author Unknown.

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