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   Chapter 22

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 2967

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The man laughed. "My name is Bruce Colin and I would gladly

brave any weather to have a picnic with you, Allie. Now come

along, dear." He stepped closer and putting an arm around her,

pulled her from the house. He shut the door. Then he picked her

up and carried her to his shiny black car. "The snow is too deep

for your sneakers." That was his only excuse for his actions. They

drove in silence. Allie felt uneasy in his presence. She was very

disappointed that it hadn“t been Alex braving all weather to be

with her. It wasn“t until she realized that Bruce was driving her

out of town that she began to really worry. She was just debating

on whether she should open the door and jump out when Bruce

stopped the car. She turned to look at him, wild worry filling her

face. So he was the murderer! She was face to face with her

parent“s killer. What should she do? Bruce Colin decided for her.

He lept out of the car, went to her door and pulled her out. He

carried her some distance away from the car. A horse was waiting

near an old oak tree, Bruce put Allie on top of the horse and

handed her the reins. "Have a nice picnic." he said with a smile.

Then he slapped the horse“s rump and the horse jumped forward.

Allie, who didn“t know how to ride, was at a loss to know what to

do. But she knew what she should have done. Why, oh why didn“t

I jump out when I first thought of it? Or slam the door in his face


en he first knocked? What I should have done is perfectly

clear after the fact.

Just as she was beginning to slip from the saddle, a figure stepped

out from some trees and the horse slowed to a halt.

The man stepped forward and scooped Allie from the horse“s

back. He carried her into the woods to a pick -up truck. The horse

reeled around and ran back the way he had came.

The man got into the truck and grinned at Allie. "Hey princess.

Have a nice ride?"

"Alex!" Allie cried with joy. "Thank you so much for saving me!

A murderer took me and put me on-"

"A murderer?" Alex said with obvious confusion. "I wouldn“t

have sent a murderer to fetch you!"

"Sent?" Allie was the confused one now.

"Yes," Alex said as he drove, "I didn“t want you to suspect that I

was your date so I sent my friend, Colin, to get you. Why did you

think he was a murderer?"

Allie sighed, I might as well tell him she thought. He“ll need to

know sooner or later. So Allie proceeded to tell him what

happened to her parents and what brought them to his town.

When she told him about the “Thinking of you“ card he got very

angry. He drove to a restaurant in silence but the look on his face

was thunderous. Despite his anger, he tried to make lunch a

pleasant experience for her.

"That was lovely. Thank you." Allie smiled o the way home.

"Glad you had such a good time." Alex said chucking. "Will you

have dinner with me tonight?"

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