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   Chapter 21

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"Will be fine. It“s just a sprain." Hella finished for her. She sat

down on the edge of Allie“s bed.

"What did you want to talk to me about?" Allie wondered aloud.

"Well", Hella hesitated. "Someone visited me yesterday, a man.

He....ummm....asked for my permission to court you."

Allie frowned. "Court?"

"That was the word he used. It“s an old fashioned term for date."

Allie“s mouth dropped open. "You told him no, right?" She felt

sure that her sister would never agree to anything so crazy.

"Well, not exactly." Hella said looking down.

"What did you tell him, exactly?" Allie asked, a suspicious look

on her face.

"I kind of told him yes. He“s going to pick you up for a picnic

lunch at eleven-thirty."

Allie“s eyes were wide with surprise and horror. "Hella! How

could you? He could be the..the...well, you know."

Hella rolled her eyes. "Allie, stop worrying. The man seemed

very nice, besides we haven“t heard from the murderer since we

got here."

Allie reached over, pulling up a corner of the mattress. She

handed Hella the envelope.

Hella took it and read the card silently to herself. When she

looked up her face was pale. "When?" she whispered.

"Last night. I found it shoved under our door." Allie answered.

"Did you even get this guys name?"

Hella looked up from the card, she looked annoyed. "Of course."

She answered tartly. "And I can“t tell you what it is. He asked me

to keep his identity a secret. Allie, I would never have agreed to

this if I thought it might be dangerous."

"I know, I“m sorry." Allie said hugging her sister.

"So you“ll go?" Hella asked with a smile.

Allie smiled back but said nothing.

"I think this man has certain intentions toward you." Hella added.

"Intentions?" Allie repeated.

"Of proposing marriage to you."

Hella clarified.

"Marriage!" Allie gasped. "Why I don“t know any men here

except-Hella! Is it Alex?"

Hella laughed. "I promised not to tell. Now, will you go?"

"I suppose I“ll have to if I want to find out who this mystery man

is. Hella!" She gasped, gripping her sister“s wrists. "I have

nothing suitable to wear!"

Hella laughed. "Relax. When Alex invited us to have dinner with

him and his mother, I voiced those same concerns, but he already

had everything taken care of. Look in the closet."

Allie jumped from the bed and opened the closet door. There she

found several long-sleeved dresses of various prints.

"He got two for each of us, but I figured we could just keep them

together and share."

Allie turned to Hella with a smile. "Perfect." she whispered. "Oh!

I have to start breakfast!" Allie quickly ran from the room. Allie

hurried through her housecleaning that morning, glancing at the

clock every ten minutes. She spent the time hanging curtains and

putting the tablecloth in place. If she had stopped to consider, she

might have wondered how one could have a picnic in the snow.

But the thought never crossed her mind.

Alex wasn“t home when she got dressed for the picnic. She took

this to mean that he was the unnamed man who had spoken to her

sister. When she was dressed and ready to go, she waited at the

door. At eleven-thirty-two she began to assume that she had been

forgotten. At eleven-thirty-five a hard knock shook the door. Allie

hurriedly opened it. A man of about twenty-five stood there. He

had flaming red hair and a very freckled face.

"Hello, Allie. I“ve requested your presence for a picnic."

Allie, filled with silent disappointment, said the first thing that

popped into her head. "I“m sorry, we can“t have a picnic today. It“s


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