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   Chapter 20

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3369

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"Good." Hella said. "Now you hurry off and eat. You“ve only got

three days until Sunday."

Allie nodded and hurried downstairs. During lunch, she initiated

a conversation with Alex. "I“m going to clean the bedrooms after

lunch. I was wondering if Hella could be brought down to the

couch during that time."

"Sure." Alex agreed, "She can watch TV if she wants." So after

lunch, while Allie cleaned up the kitchen, Alex brought Hella


Allie was cleaning Alex“s bedroom when she heard the doorbell

ring. "I“ll get it." She heard Alex call out. This was just as well

because Allie had no intention of interrupting her cleaning to

answer the door. By ten o“clock that evening then entire house

was immaculate and smelled like Mr. Clean. Exhausted after her

days work, Allie put away all of the cleaning supplies and went

up to bed. She was surprised to see that Hella was still awake and

sitting up in bed. She had a book on her lap. "What“re you

reading?" Allie asked gesturing to the book.

Hella grinned. "It“s a Snoopy comic book." She held the book up

so Allie could see the cover. "Alex lent it to me so I would have

something to do."

Allie turned the lamp beside the bed on, and then turned off the

bedroom“s main light. She climbed into bed. Hella closed the

book and was staring at Allie. "What“s wrong?" Allie asked.

"Oh, I just wanted to talk to you about something, but it“s late,

we can discuss it in the morning." Hella lay down. " “Night,


Late during the night, Allie was pulled from her sleep by a noise

in the hall. There it was again! It sounded like footsteps on the

stairs. Allie flicked the lamp on and immediately looked at

Hella“s bed. Hella was there, sleeping peaceably. Could it be Alex

on the stairs? Allie started to get out of bed, and then froze.

Someone had just slipped an envelope under the door. Allie

quickly grabbed it and jumped back into bed. She opened the

envelope and pulled out a card. The card front had a picture of a

teddy bear holding a bouquet of spring flowers. In blue swirly

letters it read: “Thinking Of You.“ Allie smiled and opened the

card. Her smile froze as she read the words neatly written on the

inside of the card:

Dear Hella & Allie,

I“ve found you. You should have been mine.

Die, die, die. You both will die.

Forever Your Friendly Murderer

With fumbling fingers, Allie crammed the card back into its

envelope and hid it under her mattress. Climbing out of bed, Allie

opened the door and peered out into the dark hallway. Taking a

deep breath, she ran across the hall and switched the light on.

Nobody was there. Allie went down the stairs and searched for

the murderer. She searched every room in the house, excluding

Alex“s room. Her search revealed no one. Relieved but

disappointed, Allie returned to her bed. It would have been nice

of she could“ve met this crazy person and had it all out with.

Though in a way, she was glad. Chances were, if she had met up

with the writer of the note, she wouldn“t be leaving alive. Soon,

Allie drifted into a troubled sleep.

She woke up to find Hella shaking her shoulder. "Wake up, Allie,

I need to talk to you."

Allie sat up rubbing her eyes. "Hella, why are you walking? Your

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