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   Chapter 19

Harbor My Strong Wolf By LadyRosabella Characters: 3159

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Allie had just finished scrubbing the kitchen floor when the

telephone rang. She took the paper Alex had written his note on

and the pen to the phone, just in case she had to take a message.

"Hello, this is the Conal“s residence. May I take a message?"

"What?" a woman“s voice drawled out slowly. "Alex Rae got a

maid? You just tell him that I need him quickly. There are

penguin people stealing my hair and furniture!" With that crazy

last remark the woman slammed down the phone and a puzzled

Allie heard the dial tone. What an odd message, she thought.

Perhaps it was some kind of code talk. Regardless, Allie wrote

down the message, then moved from the spotless kitchen to the

filthy living room. When she finished dusting the TV she sat back

on her heels and looked at the clock. What was taking Alex so

long? According to the departure time he had written on the note,

he had been gone for over two hours. What if the wolves had

found him? Allie worried. Or even worse, what if the murderer

found him and had killed him, too. The thought of Alex Conal

dead didn“t rest easy with Allie. He was so full of life, so happy,

he couldn“t die. Allie jumped to her feet when the front door

opened and slammed shut. She hurried out of the living room and

there Alex stood, setting two grocery bags down on the floor.

Thank goodness he couldn“t see her face. It would have betrayed

her. Alex went back outside and brought in the rest of the bags.

After he sat down the last set of bags, he tucked one back under

his arm and ran up the stairs. He knocked on the girl“s bedroom

door. "Hella, can I talk to you?"

"Come on in, Alex." Hella called.


Allie toted all the bags from the floor to the kitchen table. There,

she unpacked everything and began lunch preparations.


Delicious smells began to drift up the stairs. "Well", Alex said, "It

smells like lunch time. Let me know what the results are." He

exited the room and thundered down the steps. "Smells good,

lass." He complimented Allie.

"Thanks. Oh, there was a call for you while you were out. It was

from a woman. It was a very odd message but I wrote it down

exactly as she said it."

While Allie dished out their lunch, Alex silently read the

message. Laughing, he threw it away. "My mother. I think she“s

losing her marbles. She says such odd things at times."

Allie handed him his plate of food. "I wanted to apologize for

ordering you to the store to by food and dishes and such. I

shouldn“t have--."

"It“s okay." Alex assured her with a grin. "I“ve already talked

with Hella."

Allie“s eyes widened. "Oh", was all she could say. Had Hella

actually taken her advice and discussed Alex“s financial situation

with him? Sure, Allie had suggested it, but she didn“t think her

sister would actually do it. Allie carried a plate of food upstairs to

her sister.

"Allie", Hella greeted, "Alex was talking with me and he wants

to know if we would like to join him and his mother for dinner

this Sunday. Any objections?"

Allie shook her head.

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